Another Phabulous Week! (Day 294, Year 2)

Well, friends, it has been a week! It began, much like it did for God wayback when, as a formless void and now, there is day and night and mice and a deaf dog and a Phillies win! 

Not that I am a real baseball fan. I don't even really know if I like sports, but I spend the vast majority of my free time watching sports and on the sidelines. I have become quite agile at switching cheers (Go Owls! Go Hawks! Go Phillies! Go Birds! Go Flyers! Go SJRC! Go Union!). For example, today I first was cheering for Chloe (Go Hawks!) and then it was time for Temple Football (Go Owls!) and then we peeked into Citizen's Bank Park and got to experience the absolute roaring joy of a Phillies home win!

My husband is greatly affected by Phillies Phever. (I know! It is smelled Fever, but I am TRYING to be sporty.) He sometimes does not speak for an hour; but tonight he's interrupted my writing with some Phillies Phun Phacts (I cannot stop! I have the Phever!) every phew minutes. Someone named their son "Seranthony" which when spoken sounds like he is one of the Knights of the Roundtable. 

I am unable to understand this situation; but it has broken my PHEVER. 

This weekend is a busy one--all the pumpkin, ghost, sports and Fall things happen in the next two days. I am excited, scared and setting my alarm for 7 am so I can wrap a raffle basket and figure out how to be in seven places at once. 

But, before we get ahead of ourselves, let's get behind ourselves with some updates on the other developments this week, starting, of course, with:

1. THE MOUSE (or several, definitely a thousand). 

As far as I know nothing has been caught by the baited traps. My husband says he's discovered a mouse hole, which sounds adorable and for a moment I thought maybe the vampire mouse was like Ralph and the Motorcycle. Like maybe he had a whole backstory and hopes and dreams and vampire mouse parents who love him. 

Then I realized the adorable mouse hole is really a gateway to a hell in which the mouse (or several, definitely thousands) are moving freely thoughout my home. So, I am definitely going to adopt a wall snake to eat the mice and then I'll end up with a snake problem. 

What eats a snake? I'l need that, too. 

2. The Old Lady and the Dog. 

Well, the dog is still deaf. And my mom is still having existence arguments with him over her sandwiches, which he is still stealing. I am pretty sure the dog is friends with the mouse (or several, definitely a thousand). I also pretty sure my mom is friends with the mouse (or several, definitely a thousand). 

So they are on my watch list. 

3. School Conferences. 

I am gearing up for Middle School conferences next week. Chloe already warned me she was having a candid discussion about one of her teachers in the hallway and that teacher overheard. I did not get a phone call, so the teacher is definitely scared of Chloe. And I had a delightful, productive and strangely ideal conversation with a Learning Consultant about Nicholas today. 

Lily told me she was "killin' it" at school, which is exactly what her social studies teacher said, while lounging on his Costco recliner. 

Speaking of which, I've got my cup of Wild Sweet Orange tea and I am in my Costco recliner, so bottoms up, friends!