Everything everyday but write. (Day 269, Year 3)

This week in my memoir and personal essay class our assignment is to spend at least 10 minutes writing each day. You might be under the impression that a writer writes everyday.  This is absolutely not true, at least not usually.  Sure, I write words everyday, but when I don't write in Yoke or have a massive deadline or have some freak burst of inspiration, I do all sorts of other things. I read. I research. I reach out to sources. I eat Oreos. I reschedule meetings to make more time for writing. I wonder where all my pants are and I ask everyone I know what sort of shoe goes with "RAINS EVERYDAY BUT SICK OF RAINBOOTS." I have mini-public tantrums at meetings designed to be simple and non-emotional in the high school cafeteria over the grading scale in our town. Writers are busy, just like the rest of you! Producing content is hard, friends. Yesterday, I did a few writing sprints to finish up my very first long-form personal essay. I had three trusted personal readers--pe

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