Done in. (Day 153, Year 3)

This week, friends, has nearly done me in. I survived; only to live for next week when I will surely and officially be done in. There were several layer of chaos and madness, which I've already covered in previous entires.  I think it is best not to rehash the past.  In that spirit, I will tell you that right now my oldest child is close to total break trying to find special containers for the Ninja Creamie, so she can make ice cream mix to blend tomorrow night. Of course, the special containers are missing. I am not the frequent unloader of the dishwasher, therefore I cannot help her. My children and husband unload the dishwasher.  As a result, most items are not in logical locations. They will all deny creating this situation, first placing the blame on one another and then, quickly, placing the blame on me and saying "Then you empty the dishwasher." Then they will stomp away. And the next day they will empty the dishwasher again.  Anyway, my daughter's really irrit

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