It's Conference Night (Day 292, Year 2)

Friends, the best thing to come out of the COVID lockdown was Zoom parent-teacher conferences. I still remember the days of hauling myself to school for 7 minutes in not-heaven with my children's teachers. I also recall the one year at the middle school when I lost my mind over being denied a conference that night because they apparently "sold-out" of conference spots. This cost me more than one evening and led to a series of regular meetings, marketing-type round table discussions and being accused of starting a social media revolution. 

Back then only 7 people read my blog (and I am pretty sure two of those readers were not actually real people), so really it was a small revolution, which failed. A global pandemic FINALLY changed the middle school conference system. Sometimes it really does take the world! 

Anyway, tonight was conference night for the A-L of the high school. I am a parent who talks to nearly all the teachers (except chorus and physical education. I really cannot relate to what goes on in either class, so I say have at it!). 

Lily has an IEP (thank you brain tumor); and I've got to keep up with the goings on and accommodations and all that fun stuff. It has gotten easier as the years go on and this year, Lily took over her own advocacy and even adopted her own "this is me and my IEP" letter to send out. 

I often complain how much I hate the IEP process--I mean it is the most freaking discouraging thing in the entire world--but there is some good that has resulted from it. Reaching out to teachers at the start of the year is a great way for Lily to build a relationship with each of them and relationships are how we are all successful in this world. Teachers have always responded to my outreach in positive ways and Lily is now experiencing the same, so she gets to see the importance of direct communication. She is still learning discernment--when to ask for help--and how to navigate her own pride. These are really big lessons--and truly things you can only learn by living. I love that she gets these lessons early.  I am really proud of her always wanting and dreaming bigger than the world thinks she should. And even more proud that she is willing to share her story without embarrassment. 

I had a rapid fire conversation with several of Lily's teachers, including one who told me she reads my blog! I should be scared and I am a little bit, but really I just feel famous (so a special shout-out to Mrs. F who inadvertently reintroduced me to y=mx + b, which I now use for all my analytics reports on email marketing, website visits and to predict how many pairs of black leggings I'll buy this year.)! I also spoke with her English teacher, who I am obsessed with and want to discuss writing with all day and night. I am certain he does not feel the same. And I spoke to one teacher who was absolutely killin' it at conferences on a Costco recliner couch. I want this teacher, who I don't believe reads my blog, to know that I see you and I am also now taking most calls while reclined and seated on my wholesale club furniture. 

I did forget to sign up to talk to the "Child Development" teacher, which is a bummer, because I have developing children and need advice. Maybe I'll sneak in during M-Z next week!

Speaking of next week, I'll have middle school conferences (from the comfort of my office, which is also where all the laundry is stored.). My middle is an arguer, like I was at her age, so the conferences will definitely be WONDERFUL (Full disclosure: I am having a glass of wine before and during, if necessary). Then, I wrap up conference season with one for my elementary schooler, which will not be on Zoom, because we've decided to make that one AN IEP MEETING IN PERSON. I'll have to be sober; because you are not allowed to drink in the elementary school (they are super strict like the Puritans in New Jersey. It's an original colony thing).

I know you are very jealous. 

Well, friends, I hope your school conference nights are as much fun as mine. I am off to do what I do now: sit on my Costco recliner couch and think about all the things I have to do but cannot because I am reclining.