Ephesians 2:13 (Week 11 of Only One Thing, the Bible Study for Bad Christians)

Remember when I started this AMAZING Weekly Bible Study for Bad Christians called Only One Thing? Remember when I said I would post every Monday and every Friday? Do you? Do you?

I remember, but I am pretending I forgot, apparently, because I've been horribly inconsistent lately. 

I can blame all of this inconsistency on the following:

  1. I am SO BUSY. (I've written about this before. But no one seems to get it.)
  2. My three diverse, delightful and devious children. (This is alliteration! Am now English teacher.)
  3. My mother. (She apparently comes over at random and stays for "a spell." which means she sleeps over for a week leaving a trail of chocolate covered raisins and tissues.)
  4. My many freelance jobs. (For the first time ever, I am not exaggerating! I am a freelance master and should probably hire an intern. This declaration will be followed by me being fired from each and every freelance job.)
  5. My extreme dedication to volunteerism. (although lately this has been just pretend).
  6. My other blogging commitments. (Vague. And potentially untrue.)
  7. Second grade homework. (It is totally more than 20 minutes a night. It is more like 20 hours and is psychologically exhausting.)
  8. Wine. (because of the homework. Although most writers write more when they drink. I simply fall asleep.)
  9. Spin Class. (I've been exactly 2.5 times. But I do spend loads of time talking about it, planning it, etc.)
  10. Lent. (I've been considering praying in a devout monk like manner daily. I have not actually been praying, but thinking about it, which we all know takes a longer time than actually doing it. )

The thing is, lately, my closeness to God has looked like this:

I've been very distracted. I've been too busy. I been too noisy. I've been hanging out as far away from God as possible, because he wants something and I simply cannot add Item 11 to my list (I mean WHO MAKES A LIST WITH 11 Items. It is nonsensical. You would have to then had 4 more items, which would be ridiculous.)

Ironically, it is week 11. Maybe God is trying to tell me something using fancy New Math.

Anyway, before I distract myself by Googling "New Math" and "Common Core," let me get back to the point of this whole year long Bible Study. This year, I am trying my best to sit at Christ's feet more than I do not. And I am failing.

The Good News is, there is Ephesians 2:13 to save the day:

But now in Christ Jesus you who once were far off have been brought near by the blood of Christ. 

Thank God Paul wrote that letter to the Ephesians (whomever they were. I imagine they also had 3 children, a mother who stayed for "a spell" and wine, of course.). 

So, I am good and can strive for this:

The truth, the Good News, is that even when I am far from God, he is not far from me. He is always my BFF. Christ made that happen. 

So during Week 11 of Only One Thing, I am going to read Ephesians approximately four hundred times a day. I shall put it on Post-Its. I highlighted in my Bible. I am going to remind myself, while I am so busy listing all my busyness, that God does not need barriers or lists or pre-emptive activities or pre-planning. God needs nothing.

But I need him.

Wonder what you've stumbled upon? Catch up on Only One Thing, the Bible Study for Bad Christians  here.


  1. Oh my gosh, I have SO been there!! I've had a lot of trouble with 2nd grade homework this year too. My daughter has autism, so doing homework is EXACTLY like trying to catch a fly. Not kidding. We need Mr. Miyagi here to pin that girl down. And that definitely leads to needing #8, lol! But actually, I have been too sick this week to even sip wine because of it's awesome powers of dehydration! All we really need is God. Ephesians is good, and that's a great verse. Back up and read the context too. I find that stuff really interesting. In my Bible group, we go deep into context and it's really - well, I was going to say "enriching" but that's dumb. What it really does is show you the heart of God, so you can fall a little more in love with Him. And that getting closer bit? It starts to naturally happen. Good luck! I'll pray for you too, keep it up!

  2. Love it! If you think 2nd grade is hard just wait till 3 and 5th. I have talked to god about it but it dosent seem to help. The wine on the other side seems to calm my nerves and sooth the soul after homework is done. Lol

  3. I'm always happy when I take a moment to read your blog. ♡


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