A little refresh! (Day 109, Year 3)

You know those incredible movies in which the girl removes her ponytail and glasses and is suddenly hot? I feel like I nearly did that with Yoke today! Since I am in a writing dry spell, I decided to use my rustic design skills in this rustic Blogger platform to give Yoke a little refresh. The result: a slightly hotter version of an old blog. 

Maybe it is like a makeover on the Golden Girls versus one in a teen angst movie. 

There are a lot of things strange about the refresh--like it seems I cannot use photos with a vertical orientation lest I chop off heads and bodies and I don't love the header. But, it feels fresher than the old look--sort of like when you rearrange your bedroom furniture. I'll probably mess around with the format a trillion more times, which will decrease my brand familiarity and make everyone (my 25 regular readers) think I am a lunatic. 

Which is totally on-brand for Yoke! 

The one part of my blog which I am excited about is my new "Meet Trish" page. I often write bios of people for work and clients. And I write about myself every single day in some capacity in Yoke. But, writing a biography and putting all that is me into a few paragraphs is very daunting. I don't want to sound boring or ridiculous or braggy or pompuous. But, I do want to sound enticing and inviting but not like slutty or anything. I don't need to be super professional, like on my resume, because well, this is a friendly place with typos and madness and me. 

I like how my bio turned out. You can read it here and even get a peek at my original, natural hair color. (I know so exciting, like obtaining a copy of Brad Pitt's middle school yearbook.). 

I also want to build out a section for writing clips--because I do write, a lot, for places that are not Yoke and even toss my resume up (so I can be super braggy). I guess I might have to move to a more robust and customizable platform someday; but maybe not. I thought about giving Substack a whirl; but I don't think I will. I am happy in my old-timey Blogger home that I made a little more fun with some throw pillows and preview photos.