The Sign of the Rainbow Corn (Day 276)

Today, I discovered that the rainbow corn we planted from seed, actually worked! Not only did it grow and produce corn, but that corn was rainbow corn and it dried on the stalk without being eaten by feral cats or a neighborhood child or a squirrel or a spotted lantern fly. 

In fact, I mostly ignored the rainbow corn over the past month because I did not want to get too attached and see it fail. 

Here is the famous rainbow corn:

The joy over discovering this corn on a whim this morning is definitely more positive than the horror I experienced when I encountered the tiny little black bird in the dance parking lot last week. But, like the ting little black bird, I definitely think this rainbow corn is a sign!

But what does it mean?

I realize at this moment I am teetering close to the edge of ridiculousness with all these signs. But the discovery of the corn made me so happy! 

I think maybe finding the corn is a sign and a reminder that we can plant seeds, casually water them, look at them with disappointment when they grow too slowly, then avoid looking at them for fear they will stop growing or be eaten by a neighborhood cat/child and they will still turn out okay! Maybe the corn is a metaphor for parenthood?

Or maybe it is a sign I need to stop and pick the corn! Similar to stopping and smelling the roses; but only with corn! Like find pauses in my life to stop and be among nature. 

It could also be a sign that everything is going to be just fine and maybe I show stop trying so hard. Because I am definitely, endlessly trying so hard all the time and it basically always backfires and become like overworked dough--no elasticity and a big waste of time. 

The rainbow corn, which I discovered on a dead, dried, knocked over stalk of corn, could also be a sign that I have to look deeper to find beauty! That even dead, dried up disappointing plants may hold some secret glory! 

Or the sign of the rainbow corn could be a sign that I desperate to find signs EVERYWHERE and I am slowly losing my already tenuous grasp on reality. 

I wonder what sign will be next. . .