The Phone Call About Zeppoli (Day 57)

 In the midst of my retelling and unpacking of my day yesterday, I forgot to tell you guys the BEST part. 

(and if you missed the story of my Thursday, you should go read it. My teenager daughter is currently reading it aloud to someone on the phone and mocking me. I think she is my first SUPER FAN/TROLL!) 

Anyway, back to the best part, the phone call!!

Mike called me on the way home from the airport. That was very nice. I mean it was good he made it back and I was happy to hear his voice and whatnot. But that is not the best part. 

Anyway, we were chitchatting about all the pee--the cat pee, the bed pee, etc, etc--and then another CALL came through.

I did not answer that one because it was from Zimbabwe. I am not aware of anyone in Zimbabwe that would be calling me. Whomever you are, you did not leave a message. So, I apologize, I won't be calling you back!

Anyway, that was not the phone call I am talking about, obviously. 

Then, someone else called and Mike was still actually listening to me complain about something not pee-related (we had moved on) and I felt bad that someone called again and when I looked at the number it was a Collingswood number which could mean anything--I mean in these pandemic days I always suspect it is a contact tracer or like one of my kids suddenly has a fever/rigors (what are rigors? I must research later) and anyway-I had to answer. 

AND O.M.G. guys, I am so glad I did!

It was Zeppoli! Zeppoli is my most favorite restaurant pretty much on the planet. It is tiny, the menu is also tiny. The portions are not tiny, instead they are perfect and absolutely not offensively large like a platter of Olive Garden linguini.

It is right up the street from our house. Inside, it is dark, but not in a weird way, in a perfectly Italian way. Outside on the back patio in the summer, there is a fig tree and tomatoes and peppers and basil and eggplant growing right there. Nothing about it is spacious; but everything about it reminds me of the small, story-filled restaurants that line the cobblestone streets and alleys of Rome. It is a place where you share confidences right along side your favorite wine. We honeymooned in Rome, so every time we eat at Zeppoli it is like recalling that moment in time when we decided we'd be a family. 

Anyway, enough about my marriage, back to the phone call, they were calling to see if I wanted a reservation to their Feast of San Giuseppe. I have no idea what this feast is about. But, of course, the answer was YES!

I told the woman on the phone that this was the best phone call ever and she said: 

"Oh, Okay."

And then I told her I was having a very bad day and really this made my day and she said:

"Oh, Okay."

And then I told her how Zeppoli was my most favorite restaurant and that the cat peed on someone's clothes and my day really was as bad as she imagined and she said:

"I have other people to call."

So, I did let her go, because she had my name and I don't want to be banned from my favorite place on earth. 

Anyway, that was the phone call! And icing on the cake, I was able to snag a reservation tonight to eat at Zeppoli!  Since you asked, this is what we order:

1. Antipasto Siciliano Okay, I know we all make pretty charcuterie boards now as part of our pandemic pinterest lifestyle. BUT really, there is nothing like this antipasto. Every bit on it is incredible. I love the pickled carrots, the tuna white bean salad, the sweet potato, the tarragon beet, the little bit of frittata and every last bit. 

2. Spaghetti Vongole. I have no idea how Chef Joey (I like to pretend we know each other. He does not know us. In fact, when we spoke with him at the Great Chefs event for Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation, I believe we frightened him. ) makes clams this good. I lick the bowl. We've also ordered an extra portion and brought home as payment to our 14 year old for babysitting. 

3. Sicilian Fisherman Stew. Okay, the broth in this stew is what I crave everyday. I don't even know how to explain it, but you have to eat it!

4. Bistecca Enna. This is a steak.  For some reason Mike always is given the bones, which makes him very happy. It comes with a side of arugula and tomato, which sounds boring. But it is tossed with something magical. Seriously the best steak ever and with best tomato ever. 

5. Chili Chocolate Gelato. Like my favorite gelato ever. I should order 3 portions and eat them all, just to keep it honest! 

There are other things on the menu; but we rarely deviate from our favorites. Once in a while Mike convinces me to get the pasta of the day. And it is always wonderful! 

Anyway, I have to run now and go exercise in order to eat later! Happy Friday! Ciao! 

(Zeppoli should endorse me, by the way! I am not sure what they'd endorse me to do, exactly. Maybe "when this is all over," Yoke could have a fan club dinner there!)