Week 1 In Review (Blog 8)

When I decided to sit down and write today's entry, as part of my 2021 plans, I thought I'd do a fun, whimsical Week 1 of 2021 recap. I am still going to give it a whirl, but warning there is some mature, disturbing content ahead. 

I mean it isn't porn or anything. And no dead bodies. . .I think you all might recall the general drama of Week 1. But if you happened to drink a lot this week, you may have forgotten, so I'll get you up to speed! 

January 1: That was the day I declared my 2021 goals to:

  • Take an Ab and Meditation Class Daily (CHECK!!)
  • Work towards my 600 rides in 2021 Goal (I did 4, with #5 on tap for today!)
  • Write in Yoke Daily (CHECK!)
  • To remember to goal set daily (CHECK! However, I have to spend this afternoon wrapping up some goals from like Monday.)
  • Pitch editorial, work on the book, build a desk (Yeah, I literally did none of these). 
January 2: The day I talked about Good Reads! I am happy to report, that I also finished Book#2 of 2021 this week: Invisible Girl by Lisa Jewell. (Here's my rapid review: It was awesome. It was suspenseful, thoughtful and surprisingly deep. I love a book that brings outsiders together.) 

For Book 3, I going to get historical and mentally leave 2021 for a little with a Philippa Gregory Book. I love her historical dramas (which sometimes have a few racy historical scenes). So I am going to read Dark Tides, which is book 2 of the Tidelands series. The Tideland people have so many problems, like constantly getting water in their thatched roof cottage on a flood plain, eating like super stale bread, having love children with priests and navigating the plague (okay this problem might hit a little close to home.). 

January 3:    I picked a Word of the Year. Which is PAUSE. I really think I am psychic and have the sight!  I used the "Pause" button so much this week! To Pause the news, to Pause the news again and to Pause the news yet again. (So I am really living my word!!)

January 4: Oh this was the first day back to school and work after Christmas break. We've now all been basically trapped in our house since the start of the month on Ohio-Travel-Quarantine. But, I can tell you, it was totally worth it to see and hug and be with our family. Here's me with my lovely SIL:

January 5: I don't really remember this day. It seems like it is just a bit of gray area between what happened next. BUT since I write everyday, I do now remember I had a religious experience in my meditation and was moderately hysterical. . .little did I know what January 6th would bring! 

January 6: The official kick-off of Treason Season. I don't think I need to say anything more, except:

And, of course, we mustn't forget goat, ram, bear man, who is now a Fashion Icon:

January 7: I mean what to say. It is still Treason Season and there is still a global Pandemic. I wrote a blog that was a little mom-shaming in retrospect (i.e. i am so great because I tell my kids everything!).  I also tell them things because they are always here (see travel Quarantine above) and because they ask me endlessly about everything. Oh and my Mom also got her first Covid test in preparation for Cataract surgery on Monday. Note: If her results come back in time, it will be a miracle. I imagine she does not have COVID. But. . .who the heck knows, right?

January 8: Today, I was surprised that in the midst of Treason Season and the global Pandemic and New Year's Resolutions, that the Universe had time for a nuclear event! YES: a reported uranium episode at our daughter's high school and middle school. There was an evacuation--which Lily witnessed on Zoom, since she was home and then lots of calls and texts and shouts of URANIUM (which, is not a word you hear everyday).  

Everyone is fine. There are endless rumors. And helicopters. And rumors about helicopters. It was a misunderstanding related to a science project. (I guess we are all a little jumpy!) Everyone is fine, except for everyone, because I am pretty sure we all ready to scream into night like lunatics. 

So, Week 1 is a wrap! We did it, everyone! WE DID IT!