The First Blog of 2021

Right now, I am fresh off a long walk with my very bad, but very lovable dog Henry, which I followed up with 5 minute Abs with the very lovable, absolutely not bad at all, Peloton favorite Emma Lovewell. I followed that ab session (which was 5 minutes of me taking approximately 52 breaks), with 5 minutes of a Fitness Goals meditation. I thought I'd seal the deal on my 2021 fitness goals with a meditation--I do love meditation and yoga and anything with the breath and sealing of intentions and all that ritual.

Within 30 seconds of the fitness meditation, one of my kids showed up and removed an AirPod from my ear to ask me why I had stopped doing crunches and I began to explain, but they left, only to be replaced by another child, who shouted "ARE YOU MEDITATING?" before disappearing somewhere. 

Anyway, after all of this I had 4 minutes left, so I figured I should hurry up and set my fitness goal for the year (see below). I had already sort of planned my fitness goal on 12/31/2020, so that goal took like 10 seconds and then I had 3 minutes 50 seconds left. I cannot honestly say I don't fully remember the everything the teacher was soothingly telling me to do, but one thing stood out: set a goal and then have a plan to get there. 

So, in the spirit of January 1, 2021, here are my plans (I fully expect to fall short, but I actually think that is okay. It keeps me humble and it gives me something to do the next year. Plus people who reach all their goals, post their success list with cute little emojis as bullet points on Instagram and Facebook are really like the most annoying people ever. I'll be sure to post a failure list with cute little emojis to keep my likability-rating high. ):

1. Fitness Goal: To get a blue circle (I think the circles are blue. But I cannot stop to check because of Goal number 3, which includes avoiding distraction.)  on my calendar of my Peloton App and to do this by:

  • 5 minutes Abs everyday. I feel like all my power originates in my core. Plus the core workouts require flexibility and mobility, in addition to strength, and I am not getting any younger. And we also just committed to a family vacation to Florida over Christmas 2022 and I cannot roll in looking busted. 
  • 5 minutes of meditation everyday. Look, meditation brought me here, back to my blog that had been quarantining for all of 2020 and pretend-quarantining for years before that. I need these 5 minutes to focus myself. 
  • Reach 600 Rides on my Peloton. I am at 374. I can do this. Plus I want to do the Tour du Peloton at least once this year, which will get me a cool 20-something rides in a day. I might die after the Tour du Peloton, so I'll save this one for like December 2021. 
  • Walk with my Mom. She lives with me. She walks all time. I never walk with her because she likes to walk along a 6 lane highway and into Camden for some reason. But, this year, I will make her walk with me by the lake or in the park or in our neighborhood or like anywhere but the highway. I might only do this once (she also prances while she walks and I have a low tolerance). Who knows, maybe she'll stop her dangerous lifestyle. 
  • Run, arms, yoga. I'll add some of this into the mix each week. I like to run (when there is not ice.). I love arms. And I adore yoga (. . .my blog is named Yoke, as in To Yoke, which is loosely what Yoga means, sort of). 
2. Writing Goal: To write more. I'll do this by:
  • Daily Yoke posts: I am going to write in this blog everyday that I can. No pre-scheduled posts (because that will mean I am not writing daily), no shame if I miss a day, and I am not going to over edit and sometimes I might not proofread. I am not writing in this blog to win awards nor am I submitting this with a pitch. This is my craft and everyone know if a craft isn't messy and there isn't glitter and paint everywhere, then you cannot say you actually did a craft. 
  • Stop editing mid writing: Editing is the devil of distraction to this writer. I need to cease and desist with the mid-stream editing and just freaking write. Yeah, editing comes in somewhere. But editing and writing are two very different things. 
  • Pitch some editorial work: I've got to make a real plan for this. I love the writing I do for clients. But I've got stories. I've got contacts. I've got words. I need to get the byline and tell my stories. Somewhere, preferably for cash. 
  • To spend 8 hours a month on the book: There are endless blogs from like 2009 about a book project. I am going to schedule 8 hours a month dedicated to book work. Don't ask me what book is about. Who the heck knows. . . hopefully I'll figure it out. 
  • To build myself a desk: Would you believe I've never had a desk that I've picked out just for me? I've had hand-me-down desks and old childhood desks and found spaces. But I want a writing home. Even if I have to share it with my now work-from-home husband and my three children and a pile of laundry/debris/glitter. 
3. The Goal Goal: To set goals and intentions every week. I'll do this by:
  • Acknowledging that everyday is the first day of something: Everyday, I have to look at this list and I have to add things to do it. I'd love to do more sewing and paint a fence 17 different colors and double my garden size and travel and volunteer more and pray more and just more, more, more. But I can't commit to anything right now (expect the 2021 Christmas in Florida. I am totally committed).  I might not be able to commit to anything more tomorrow. But I can commit to acknowledging that everyday is the first day of like whatever I want (What I want now is a nap and Netflix.).

Happy 2021!

Writer's Note: This blog is unedited, unproofed and depending on the day, unfiltered. Grammar police--you can get your fix elsewhere. I am just practicing my craft and crafts are always messy.