The Graduation. (Day 166, Year 3)

Well, friends, you'll be happy to know that everyone at the 8th graduation today was wearing very nice shoes that aligned with the dress code. 

I mean there were a few questionable heel choices and I did see a boy with rubber soled shoes that looked suspiciously like a sneaker.  But, all in all, everyone followed the very strict high stakes shoe dress code!

Okay, the non-graduates did not follow the shoe dress code and that was generally disappointing. I think there needs to be attendee dress codes in the future! I'll start writing those up! 

The ceremony was lovely. I did not cry. I was in danger of crying during the baby picture slide show while Green Day played. Some of those children were babies when they first entered our lives! But then I grew annoyed by the order of the pictures in the slide show (at first in alphabetical order by first name and then quite suddenly just tossed up in no discernible order.). 

The children also did not graduate in alphabetical order. Luckily, my middle child (the now graduate!) knows that I require a highly detailed pre-event brief. She gave me the full down-low (is this something people still say?) earlier in the week.  She was in the third row and graduated 3 children after her bestie Alice, who was at the end of the second row, which was after the first row in which another bestie, Mikayla, was graduating. 

I don't know why they could not be in alphabetical order. I asked around and basically the general answer was "This is how we do it." 

Well, HOW I DO THINGS IS IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER LIKE A HUMAN BEING. But, I guess I wasn't doing things!  If the children had been in alphabetical order, my kid would have been first and then I could have relaxed instead of remaining on high alert for Mikayla, then Alice and then counting 3 children. It was really taxing, all of it. 

There was some MARVELOUS musical entertainment. First, the national anthem (Chloe's friend sang it and it was actually, truly spectacular). There was stand-up, sit-down confusion during the anthem and lots of people looking around unclear how to behave. Obviously my husband, the patriot, was already standing and saluting. Then, the choir sang "Eye of the Tiger," while a very excited choir director danced and my child attempted not to laugh while singing. Then, the band played the very traditional, "Empire Strikes Back," which is played at Stormtrooper Graduations. 

Then they graduated, left and we went to take pictures. We lost my mom briefly. I knew we'd find her, but my worst fear is that someone else finds her first, leading to some incident that involves the loud speaker. Anyway, she was just outside, avoiding us. 

And now, we have another 8th grade graduate! I think this means she can get a job doing farm labor. Or maybe she can learn how to quilt and care for a family. Either way, it means she can spend her summer doing laundry and lazing by pool, as she should. We are pretty proud of our Chloe Isabel--she is a force to be reckoned with and has a heart of gold. 

If I asked her what she was most proud of so far, she would say her family (and her hair.). 

I'd say the same thing about the stuff I am proud of.