No man's land. (Day 161, Year 3)

Well, friends, I can see the finish line for this year! I aware it is June and not December, but when you have school aged children, you get to finish each year twice. First, you get to finish it in December and scream Happy New Year. Then, you get to finish it in June and just scream (with joy? fear? whatever.)

I guess you could also say that you get to start the year twice, too. Once in September for the school year and once in January for the new year. This does sort of leave a no man's land of July-August when you are neither starting or finishing anything. 

I think this is the most glorious no man's land on the planet; because friends, I am exhausted. I am so overwhelmed and fatigued that trying to get a good night sleep takes too much energy. I am unable to have quality conversations because I just want to complain. I am like a very grumpy preschooler who recently gave up their afternoon nap: I just cannot take one more thing and I need someone to cut the crust off my sandwich the right way, thanks. 

I hate feeling this way; because my fatigue and crankiness messes with my personal peace and severely limits my enjoyment of activities. Today, I did resolve to be "too blessed to be stressed" and I really did mostly succeed. I wasn't stressed when I had to navigate a dramatic dance situation (everything is fine! Just big emotions on a big night!) in a stairwell. I wasn't stressed when I got home from everything and saw the house looked like there was a party or a robbery.  I wasn't when I remembered I have my first writing assignment due for school tomorrow at midnight.But now as I write these things I am becoming too stressed to be blessed. 

I think this is a more realistic saying. Someone needs to cross-stitch it on a pillow. 

Anyway, homestretch friends! Dance recitals are over. Spring sports are done. One last Spring race for Lily in Florida. Mike and Lily return tomorrow night. Chloe graduates 8th grade on Thursday. Lily and Nick finish school on Friday. And then, friends, the year ends. Nothing begins again until September. I cannot wait for no man's land.