Ill-fitting (Day 164, Year 3)

This evening I spent 13 minutes eluding capture in the shoe aisles of Nordstrom Rack. I wasn't leaving that place without an 8th grade graduation dress and shoes for my child. 

I ended up in this situation because at 5:45 this evening, my middle daughter tried on her 8th graduation dress and it did not fit. She had previously refused to try it on. I am not sure why she even cares what dress she wears because they are being given a graduation gown (but no cap, just the gown). The only thing that truly seems to matter are the shoes she wears with the dress that does not matter. 

We've received several emails about the shoe dress code and the children have been warned that if they wear sneakers they will not "walk in the ceremony."


But, who am I to shout in all caps about shoes? Rules are rules, right! 

Anyway, we found a dress. And we found shoes which look ill-fitting, but she seems to love them so we will pretend the shoes are not ill-fitting. The shoes are not sneakers and I reviewed the literature and shoe missives and it does not seem like "ill-fitting" will prevent her from walking in the ceremony; unless she is actually physically unable to walk in the ceremony because of her ill-fitting, but compliant shoes. 

It is June 13. Tomorrow is June 14. Then it is June 15. Then, finally it is June 16. And then, it is June 17, the last day of school. And the last day of school means I get a break from costume purchases, the cleaning of the hot dog roller, the organization of group gifts and daily missive writing to teachers, administrators and school staff. (One of my favorite emails of the year was subjected "Do not allow him on the bus like you did last time." The contents of the email simply said, "Cheers, T." I think the entire district is looking forward to a break from my emails.)

I am also very excited for all thematic events to end (until July 4th and my birthday). I cannot endure one more day of making calls to people for things. Yesterday, the party store was very dismissive of my balloon questions. Today, I had a strange interlude with the "morning baker" from Acme who seemed to be driven into shock and horror by my request for cupcakes. 

Apparently the "morning baker" only bakes breakfast pastries and is very triggered by cupcakes. 

I am also tired of the writing of weekly checks for things like "field trips which end early due to air quality and acid rain" and "Disney world in 2024" and "Olympic adjacent rowing events in alligator infested waters."

Oh, and I am slightly concerned about my health because of the number of times I look at my children's grades and see every missing assignment, which drives me into a hysterical search and find state. Then, I find myself clicking and uncovering more missing things, getting angrier and angrier,  until I get to the point that I am forced to completely disconnect and disassociate to avoid simply combusting. 

Everything about this season is very ill-fitting, like my daughter's shoes, friends. But, we have no choice. Rules are rules. June is June. We must comply.