AND THEN IT RAINED (Day 167, Year 3)

This last week of school has been intense. My friend compared this to sorority pledge week and I was in a sorority and I can say that while the comparsion is partially accurate (it's busy and thematic and everyone is judging you!), I did not have children or a husband or a mortgage or a career or a geriatic dog during pledge week. Everything has been chaos. 

Like, today, when I spent 5 hours with one of my most favorite people (Hi, Brooke!) setting up for the 5th grade graduation at our elementary school. Tradition is that the 4th grade parents do the work and then in turn, the class behind them pays it forward when it is their turn to have a 5th grader. It is a sweet tradition and one that I honored when my middle was in 4th grade. Then, when she was in 5th grade, the pandemic happened and therefore, nothing happened.

But, today, friends, today Brooke and I were going to make all the 5th grade graduation reception thematic dreams come true! There was a playlist (which was briefly "Family Dental Office") and a bubble machine (spewing out 3 bubbles every 15 seconds) and several balloon sculptures (thanks to Julia, Olivia and Megan the night before!) and color coordinated cupcakes, all set up outside. 

It was spectacular. I mean, until it was not. 

Because, then, friends, then it fucking rained. 

And not like a little rain; but a lot of rain and hail and darkness and horror. The principal and teachers in the ceremony recounted to us the moment they heard the rain on the roof ("I was talking about their time here and then I heard it and thought, the fox balloons!"). 

Luckily, we saw the sky and listened to the calm, wise counsel of the school adminstrator, Mrs. Watson, and moved everything inside. 

This sounds simple; but it was really as simple as like brain surgery. Sure you can say "brain surgery" and everyone understands the basic concept; but when you have to MOVE 150 CUPCAKES 17 times there is nothing simple and there is a lot of red frosting. 

At one point, Brooke had to excuse herself and while she took her leave, I took the giant 2-0-2-3 balloons to the school kitchen to stomp on them and shout. However, Mrs. Watson showed up and told me she had special, magical tape and everything would be okay. 

And friends, she did indeed have special magical tape. 

I cried a lot and then ordered the tape (alien tape!) from Amazon.  Because in the end, if my labor resulted in the discovery of magical tape (it sticks to bricks!) that every thing was worthwhile.