And then (Day 157, Year 3)

I feel like I've been parenting straight through since 7 o'clock in the morning. I am aware that I am a parent all-the-time-forever-for-life-you-cannot-give-them-back, but 17 hours of hands-on parenting is really a lot of overtime. The day began with the discovery that one child was turning in blank assignments. This discovery led to a forensic deep dive into Google Classroom and OnCourse, which led to a very fancy spreadsheet called "GET YOUR WORK DONE OR FACE MY WRATH."

This easily took up 5 hours; but to be fair, I had to have meetings and send emails and think about writing things for work during the discovery, rage and spreadsheet making time. 

And then there were other parenting things and even a request to parent another child. And then my oldest and my husband left for Florida for her big rowing championship (NATS, as those in the know and those who like to talk casually about important things in a fashion quite like Joe Cool). And then there was 4 hours of dance recital rehearsal. And then there was parenting my middle through an emotional breakdown over her gymnastics routine. Feeling bad my youngest was performing without me at an extravaganza, but happy his adopted band family was cheering him on. And then there was a salt laden dinner at 10pm from Wawa. And then there was a student ambassador essay. And somewhere in the midst of this all of South Jersey filled up with smoke from Canadian Wildfires. 

It looks and smells like a bonfire is in my backyard; but it is everywhere. 

It's all just too exhausting sometimes. 

But, it's all for good reason. I know we make a big deal out of Lily's racing; but Chloe's dancing is extraordinary. I love watching her! And nicholas, well, he's a natural on stage and he's so proud to write his essay about becoming a student ambassador. And that 10pm dinner was a delight with my two littlest ones. And of course, Lily and Mike made it to Sarasota and the hotel and NATS is on. 

The smoke will blow away, I'll get a good night sleepy and then, we'll wake up and start it all over again.