That crazy was me, but I was pushed. (Day 151, Year 3)

I think the warm weather combined with the end of the school year makes all the crazies come out. 

Like tonight, I witnessed this woman have a near mental breakdown picking up her daughter's moving up sign. Apparently she only ordered the name topper and not the actual moving up sign. She was hysterical with tears in her eyes. She even said "I CANNOT IMAGINE WHY I DID THAT"


That woman, friends, was me. 

Never fear, a very best friend was there to give me a hug and vouch for me, and the other women were definitely trained psychiatric nurses who quickly deescalated the situation. 

But, friends, I am not the only lunatic on the loose. Today at the elementary school it was Lenape project turn-in day and the fifth grade biography breakfast. Drop off was a storm of historically inaccurate dioramas and wigs and pre-packaged breakfast foods. Every parent had to exit the vehicle to provide drop off support. Then some parents, who had vehicles with open doors and NPR blasting (which I enjoy! It was just a lot.) had a conversation over some outdoor toys they wanted to giveaway. 

The drop off line is not the place for this people! Save it for the Buy Nothing Group (Which I am not allowed to join!). 

Then apparently someone committed a turkey hit and run on one of the main streets through town. The only thing worst would be if someone killed a goat (yes, there are goats here!). 

Earlier in the week there was a town wide argument over the new vegan pool snack bar (it is an unusual choice and my children do not want probiotic soda made from herbs. However I do love the buffalo chickpea dip which is off the hook). And of course, I had my own code enforcement, electric company and nuisance neighbor drama which is what set me over the edge, ultimately adding itself to the Lenape project, music concert, travel regatta, work and school stress, which snowballed into the Moving Up sign meltdown. 

We are all in the same boat, friends: a boat that is taking on water and crumbling under the weight of its unnecessary cargo. 

There is just so much happening this time of year that requires you to leave the house. And the weather is nice, so you also feel compelled to enjoy it (lest you miss out on the beautiful day!). These two forces are driving out people who have been indoors and not-socialized in a continuous manner. Those forces are also driving out reckless bird killers who allegedly plow over turkeys and just keep cruising. 

And of course, it is driving me out to behave in whatever off kilter way floats my proverbial boat. The good news: it's a small town and I always seem to have a friend nearby to give me a hug and vouch for me.