Stop being so negative, you are cutting in on my action. (Day 133, Year 3)

You know what sucks away my creative energy--other people's negative energy! 

Of course, this is only because it is in direct competition with my negative energy. And no one likes a showboater, who is flashing their negative, fancy feathers trying to get attention. 

I know at this point you are wondering what in the world am I ranting about now. Well, I'll tell you, of course! 

It is a very long story, with too many details. Someone recently sent me something via direct message on Instagram (which I never look at, well, not never because I saw it, but I don't check it in a reliable way, anyway) that was a bit passive and I think trying to poke fun at my sharing of too many details. I did not find it funny. 

Details are important friends! Details stop misunderstandings because all the evidence is laid out right there. And I am NOT SORRY that people don't have enough time for the details! 

Anyway, I've gotten off track, back to the topic at hand: how I want to be the only negative person in the room and everyone else can just shut up and be happy. 

We have this adorable, sweet cat Rosie, who kills mice and loves Lily. She is so cute and sweet. 

She also peed on the new Costco couch. Several times. 

This is very disgusting and enraging, friends. It is also shameful, even though I think shame is a ridiculous emotion, but now I've outed us as the cat pee couch people! 

However, of course, we clean it. But every time it happens, the cleaning becomes like a part-time job. It is like it is time to punch the clock at the cat pee on the couch cleaning facility. There are potions and lotions and machinery. 

It's very annoying. And IT MAKES ME VERY ANGRY.

But, I cannot listen to anyone else complain about it. Like, I am the one who gets to be angry and negative, stop COPYING ME. 

I cannot handle the upset feelings! Like now, I cannot even be upset, because you are upset and I have to try to make you feel better. I know I don't "have to" but I do, don't I? Because otherwise, we are both angry and everything will devolve and the world will end. 

I feel the same way when people complain about the dishwasher, the laundry, my mother, how my mother parks, how I park and the service at the Tortilla Press (I MEAN WHY ARE THEY SO SLOW?). 

Negative people are really bummers, you know? Especially to me, who wants to be the most negative in the room. So stop being negative and cutting in my action! It is draining! Try to be positive, okay?