Saving Civilization (Day 124, Year 3)

Friends! Today, I realized that I play a critical role in the continuation of civilization. 

Isn't that neat?! I realized it while I was in Hobby Lobby securing craft items for decorating teacher doors (spoiler alert to all local teachers who stalk me via Yoke!) in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week! I was in the patriotic "July 4th" aisle and humming along to the jazzy instrumental version of the classic funeral hymn "How Great Thou Art, " and it occurred to me that being successful at this teacher door decorating thing might be the very thing that stops our entire civilization from crumbling! 

I am sure you are wondering how this could possibly be true? What could some artfully transformed tissue paper and some gold foil letters that spell out "MVP" have to do with the continuation of civilization? How could one middle aged mother in the patriotic "July 4th" aisle of a very conservative craft store that doesn't even use UPC codes at the register possibly be saving civilization?

Well, it's simple! When you do something nice for someone like decorate their door in a creative, complimentary fashion with artwork that aligns with their world view and favorite things they will feel loved!  And then they might be nice to someone else who will feel loved! And then that person who feels loved with be faced with a choice: start a nuclear war or don't and they will (hopefully) select "don't!"

Really, my crafting is like butterfly wings in the universe, friends. 

But it doesn't stop with being nice! I also realized that my critical role in the continuation of civilization also includes other day-to-day things! Like today I sent some email copy to a team of lawyers who will review it for anything that could be wrong or illegal or bad. In this way, I am utilizing the infrastructure we've created as a society and therefore doing my part to minimize institutional chaos. 

I also fed my family an organic, free range, mostly plant-based, except the thing that was free range and the shredded taco cheese was organic adjacent. In this way, I am making positive, responsible food choices! I also recycled one thing (and even checked the number on the bottom. I couldn't read the number. But I prayed about it and tossed it in the recycling bin from my car window. I missed, but it landed adjacent to the recycling bin and I know someone who once was given a kindness by someone who came in contact with a teacher who had a door decorated will pick it up and recycle it!

It's all connected friends! The decorated doors might even SAVE OUR PLANET! 

I also enjoyed some Willie Wonka the Musical and my lovely daughter as a townsperson and an Oompa Loompa. I did not even get angry when her mic did not work in her solo, because I knew she'd ensure heads would roll and no one needs two angry Carrington-Adkins! In this way, I kept the world peace. 

It's very much like Jesus, truly.

Or maybe Yoda?

Anyway, I have to rest up! Tomorrow is the big day of decorating and saving civilization! I hope you all read this and thought about how you can use a little tissue paper and a lot of glue and a jazzy version of a funeral song to save the world.