Saturday Hibernation (Day 140, Year 3)

Today my watch tried to bully me several times into standing up. It was so insistent and I really felt, that since it is a smart watch and seems to know everything about me, including my Monday 11:30 am habit of going to Saxby's to write while the cleaners are here, that it should know that Saturday afternoons after crew, lacrosse and dance practice drop off, I nap! 

I've been with my watch since before the pandemic! 

I know at this point, one of my many, MANY readers might be having an urge to comment,"Girl, I wish I could nap! But I am just too busy!" Whomever you are, dear reader, I hope you take a big breath and suppress that urge to busy brag. Instead turn your gaze inward and realize your contrary attitude is just the result of needing a nap. 

My Saturday naps are a primal survival mechanism and  the greatest self-care routine I've developed! My kids are so busy every single day; but Saturdays there is this delightful window when everyone is home or secure somewhere for 4 hours. I should use this time to do laundry or garden or clean or renovate rooms or visit with friends (haha, I am laughing, too, my friends are all mothers! They cannot visit on a Saturday afternoon!). 

By Saturday, I am just so tired. I am tired from staying up late on Friday in order to have a "fun Friday night." I am tired from waking up early everyday for adult and child things. I am mentally tired from thinking of all the things everyone needs and all the pieces of clothes and equipment and costumes and special shoes and meals and snacks and controversies, oh my goodness, doctor's appointments and mental health support and vitamins and college planning and camps and religious and faith development and musical lessons and grooming and graduate school and my career and what kind of writer am I and what are my goals, what are my children's goals and oh, of course, I have a husband and a marriage I'd like to pay attention to once in a while. 

There is a lot going on in my head. It is exhausting. 

So, enter the Saturday hibernation nap! Similar to bears who hibernate all winter to prepare for a busy Spring and Summer of catching salmon, procreating and scaring hikers, my Saturday naps help me recover from the week prior (when I cook meals, manage the products of my procreation and scare teachers, townspeople and others) and prepare for the week ahead when I do all the same things again, but hopefully better and more efficiently. 

Anyway, friends, I think everyone should hibernate once a week, so they can come out swinging and growling, but in a positive, non-grumpy, leadership sort of way! 

If you need me, I'll be stretching and waking up from my Saturday nap. But please DO NOT NEED ME my list is very long and I don't know if I can add a Sunday hibernation.