No Business (Day 125, Year 3)

Today, I applied for a writing award that I probably have no business applying for. 

But you know what? This entire world has been built upon people who have no business building anything. 

And for this award, it is not that I don't think I am deserving--I am more than deserving. Even on my darkest days of self doubt, I believe in myself and I believe in my words. It's just that on paper I don't match the past winners. I am not a scientist who likes to write (and that is not something I'll ever be. I like to write about scientists not like be them). I am not a New York Times published writer (yet or maybe never, who knows?). I have not written a book (yet or never, who knows and who cares? I write what I want.). 

But, who I am is a mother of three, who has a fierce faith in Jesus and science and all I want is my words to help find cures for childhood cancer. And I believe, even though I cannot scientifically prove it, that I have maybe helped already, even if just a tiny bit, move the dial closer to cures for all children. 

So, yes, I have no business applying for a prestigious award, but I also had no business applying to Johns Hopkins and then I got in, so who am I say what business I have anyway?

My kids have made me this way. Each of them have no business doing any of the things they do. 

Let's start with Lily--the cancer survivor who wasn't supposed to walk--for one entire year a coach told her she had no business rowing. Well, she rows and she'll row and row and she sometimes mentions aiming for the paralympics. She has no business--but she'll do it anyway and I'll be right there, brazenly cheering. 

And Chloe--that kid is consistently underestimated in math and science. She was told she had no business wanting to be in Algebra this year. She didn't care and she's there with straight As. Next year, she was told she has no business taking Geometry and Algebra 2/Trig simultaneously as a Freshman. I am not sure what will happen, but I am sure she will make it her business to push forward and advocate for herself. 

And my sweet son--that kid who struggles with reading and writing, but not with confidence and charm. He is constantly told he has no business reading hard books (I could write a book about the misconceptions regarding dyslexia) or dreaming of being a reporter (okay, this was my suggestion because he is a natural interviewer) or being a surgeon (he loves science and medicine and take care of people!) or working for the United Nations (this was today's dream). He never gets discouraged. He could be bad at every single thing he tries, but he'll try anything and he'll try it again. Like his sisters, this kid makes it his business. 

And you know what friends, I think it is pretty bad ass to do the things you have no business doing. In fact, I think I am going to try to make it my business to do the no business things more often.