I've never been asked to the prom. (Day 138, Year 3)

Guess what! Tomorrow is my daughter's Junior Prom!! Her guest is her very good, wonderful friend, Audrey. Lily's prom-posal to her was delivered via "voice to text" (no renting out of stadiums or balloon arches here! We are very simple people!)

It occurred to me today that I've never ever been asked to prom. I've gone, my two standard times (no extras!). The first go around, I did the asking. We did not know what "voice to text" was in 1994. My prom-posal to the boy who liked me and I liked, too (although I'd never admit it fully to him and still will not, even though we've been married nearly 20 years) went like this:

"Will you like go to my prom with me?"

I wasn't even nervous because the week prior he asked me to be his girlfriend and I said, "No," but he was still stalking me, so I knew I had him on the hook. 

Of course, he said, "yes" and so it was. He was just a sophomore, so I am sure I had to fill out some sort of form to allow the playing up of an underclassman to the Junior-Senior prom varsity level. 

I do remember there was drama around us attending together. I mean high school students LOVE drama. The day of the prom, I was late to school because my friend got a flat tire. There were threats of my prom attendance being restricted! Obviously, this pleased me (I loved drama, too!) and was a little disappointed that it was just a rumor and I was not going to have to march into the Principal's office with a protest sign and a list of demands while chanting "Just let me PROM."

This is still disappointing to me. 

Anyway, we made out the entire prom and I am certain my parents would not have been pleased since they paid for my ticket and because I am pretty sure they told me "don't make out with boys in public" and "don't make out with boys" and "be a lady." But, whatever, the food wasn't very good and the music was so loud, so it was not like we could talk or anything. I wanted to get their money's worth! 

By my senior prom, I was "going steady" (I mean is this a saying? Was this an actual saying in 1995?) with the boy I made out with at the junior prom, who is now my husband.  I am certain I asked nothing and just told him that I'd be at his house for pictures and pizza bites, which were the traditional 1990s pre-prom appetizer. This was practice for marriage in which I rarely ask him things and I just tell him things and he sometimes will say "it would be nice to be asked" or "I'd like some input, here."

The next time he says these things, I am going to mention that he's never asked me to prom, so yeah, IT WOULD BE NICE TO BE ASKED. 

When I think about it, I am not sure I ever want to be asked to do anything. 

I think I prefer to do the asking and ordering because I have trouble saying no to things. If someone asked me to prom before I asked my now-husband, I would have said yes and ended up shouting to make awkward conversation at the prom and eating the not good food, setting myself up for a lifetime of low food standards. I would have missed the make-out session with Mike, risking a completely different reality in which I was living alone with my mother (instead of my current reality living with my mother, 3 children, a husband and a variety of pets/mice). 

I mean either way, I was going to live with my mother, I guess.