It's fast; so learn to steer better. (Day 139, Year 3)

Well, friends, SO MUCH, has happened today. It began with a dawn crew practice and then there was Field Day and Prom and several things in between. And soon it will be 8th grade graduation and dance recitals and lacrosse tournaments and championship regattas and concerts and celebrations and several chaotic things. 

This stage of parenthood comes at you fast--every year a little faster than the last. It is a lot like when you are playing Super Mario Bros and trying to collect all the coins by jumping and bouncing and strategically running in just the right way. You don't have to collect all the coins to survive, but there is a certain satisfaction and sense of doing everything that you could when you collect as many coins as possible. 

As a mom, I want to be a parent of everything with my kids and I want everything I am a part of to be wonderful. Today, I think everything was wonderful, I mean minus the times when it wasn't, but in the end I think the wonderful out balances the not wonderful. But things go so fast that sometimes I feel like I don't have enough time to savor it. 

Like this morning, I barely had time to spray paint my son's head blue before he was stampeding off to school for Field Day with his classmates. And this afternoon, we raced home from hair and makeup and I barely had a chance to tell my daughter that she was absolutely the most beautiful girl I had ever seen--and not because of all the glitz and glamor, but because of the light and strength that surrounds her. 

I did not tell her any of that! I just told her to look at the camera. 

And soon, my middle will finish middle school and I haven't ordered her our traditional special necklace from Tiffany's and while I know this isn't a real problem, I just feel like the days are racing by and I am running out of time. 

I need to sometimes stop trying to keep up and instead learn to steer better, so I can grab those coins. Like today, instead of trying to work while managing field day and prom, I just needed to steer into the prom and field day and away from everything else. 

Because, friends, it goes fast. I know you know. I know all those old ladies in the Target check-out line told you. And maybe you thought it was the years that go fast; but really it is each day that goes fast. So steer better. Steer into them and into it all and let everything else fall where it falls.