Immovable May and Moving Meals (Day 143, Year 3)

Well, today was my second day of school and I also got a haircut and then did all the things that adults with children must do: work to earn an income, attend school meetings, rush order contacts for their legally blind middle child who misplaces everything, parent, prepare walking tacos (because we don't have time to sit anymore), manage all the sports and dances and music and ponder why that group of women is always standing in front of the dance studio door. 

Seriously, at each and every drop off this year there has been a group of dance moms blocking the door. When my children exit my still moving vehicle to get to dance (3 minutes late or 35 minutes early, always), they have to duck for cover as if this group is holding cameras and ready to pounce like paparazzi. 

The moms are completely unaffected by it all. Sometimes they are even spread out into the driveway and don't even seem to notice that a vehicle just brushed the hood of their Lululemon scuba sweatshirt. 

They are immovable, much like atmosphere right now, when the activities of May-June become immovable and impossible. Things are ending, which comes with jubilees and celebrations and recitals and championships. Things are also setting up to begin again in 3 short months, which brings IEP meetings and senior trip money and try-outs for Fall sports. Nothing can be postponed; the time is right now because by July 1, we are all forcibly shoved into summer mode and can no longer produce or perform, except of course, when we have to in August as we warm up for September. 

There are so many outfits to prepare and assemble--dances and band concerts and graduations and moving ups and recital accessories and summer swim goggles and team suits. Usually this part of life--the part that includes clothing and shoes is my favorite--but right now, I can only muster the energy to say "well it looks black in the dark, so avoid a spotlight lest you look like you are wearing navy."

Every year I will this time to end. I wonder if I will feel the same next year when my oldest graduates or three years later when my middle graduates or 7 years later when my final baby gets his high school diploma. Will I feel this way when I have grandchildren someday and my children are going on and on about how busy they are? I'll probably miss it; but I'd like to tell my future self that what you are missing is the time together and you absolutely not missing the time spent stressing out over clothing for a band concert. 

But, there is nothing I can do another immovable May and June right now, except plan more meals we can eat while moving--walking tacos, smoothies, cold Asian noodles to be eaten in the car between swim and band and lots of granola bars.