I know my kids (Day 126, Year 3)

Tonight, Chloe performed in her last middle school musical, ever, unless her teacher decides to squeeze in a quick performance of Cats Jr. in June (nothing would displease me more or surprise me less). She told me yesterday that she thought she would sob tonight at the completion of the musical. 

I told her she isn't one to ever sob and she said, "MOMMMMMEEEEEE YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW ME!"

And guess what, friends? She came out tonight yelling at us (which might be the Chloe equivalent of sobbing), but not a tear was shed. 

I mean, I know my kids, even if they don't think I don't know them. 

Like tonight, when we got home from dinner at 10:30 pm, Lily is telling me all the stories (the girl is a talker!). I mentioned that she needed to put laundry in tonight (because we asked her at dawn to put laundry in) and maybe stop talking so she could get her work done. And she said, 


And then I completed her sentence, "only care about laundry."

I also know that after she stomped upstairs, she did not go to gather her laundry. She returned to her cell phone to watch crew catastrophe Tik Tok videos. That laundry will only get done with 170 reminders. 

I just know them! 

I also knew that Nicholas was going to come in stomping from the garage, where he was discussing top secret flag football plays with his father, and say "I CANNOT EVEN HAVE A SLEEPOVER TONIGHT," and then stomp his foot 3 times. 

You know what? I was wrong, because he stomped his foot 4 times. I'll have to make a note of that change. 

I also know, that tonight, before each of them fall asleep, I will tell them I love them and Lily will say:

"I love you mama."

And Chloe will say:

"I love you mommy."

And Nicholas will say:

"Mom, rub my back and you know I love you so much, huggie?"

I know these crazy kids of mine. And I hope they know me, too.