Going to college state of mind. (Day 128, Year 3)

This is me, practicing the pledge in case we have to say it everyday before class!  
Guess what?! In two weeks, I go away to COLLEGE. Well, I am not actually, physically going away, it is more of an "odyssey of the mind" going away, like a state of mind, similar to a "New York State of Mind," but instead it is a Johns Hopkins University Graduate School State of Mind. 

This is really, really, exciting friends! I might sharpen pencils. 

(In case you are wondering, I do actually still use pencils and I prefer the old school kind that require sharpening. Of course, the pencil sharpener is always missing, so I steal my children's sharpened pencils.)

I have a bunch of pre-start-of-school things to do like completing a training on how to use the library (SO EXCITING! I love libraries!), doing an Opioid Awareness training (seems awful, and ever since the ER accused me of being there to get "pills" when in reality my ovary was dying inside my body, I've been aware!) and taking a "how to not be a lying unethical plagiarizer class (it is not called this exactly, but I read the overview and this is a better title). 

In addition, I have a giant "to do list" of things I have to do before May 22. I have no idea how many hours a graduate class in science writing will take--I imagine somewhere between 200 to 2,000 hours. Whatever it is, I am committed (and I've paid!), so I have to do this thing. I also need a first day of school outfit, a new notebook and to redecorate my dorm room (this is my bedroom). 

But before I can focus on myself, I just have to get through several sporting events and attempt to remember the things I signed up to bring to things (I always sign up for Gatorade and can pass it out like flyers as needed to a variety of events). I have to get my children fitted for swim team bathing suits! I have to figure out how to be in Princeton, Marlton and Barrington all at once on Mother's Day. And I have to locate the cowbell. (If you know you know. If you don't, well then you cannot help me find it!) There is prom to organize and field day to cheer for and tournaments!

I also have to begin my pre-class research and read everything my professor has ever written (maybe not his diary, but if I can find it, I will read it!). I am also so curious about who my classmates will be? Will they like me? Will they want to be best friends? Will I let them read Yoke (definitely, but should I let them? probably not)? Will they be young? Will they be older than me? Will they think I have grandchildren?

Two weeks friends! And all my questions will be answered and I am sure I'll have even more. For now, I am shopping for a new backpack, which I know I don't need. BUT I have to get in the JHU State of Mind!