First Day of School. (Day 142, Year 3)

Today was my first day of school friends! I've hardly had time to brag about it all because of my life of constant intrigue and glamour. My first day of school began at 4:40 am when I was up to "get the worm" like "the early bird." I did not actually log in to do school work then because it was still dark and I did not want anyone to think I enjoy rising early to "get the worm" or to "get out of bed."

My first day of school also included such classic first day of school things, like:

1. A child who fakes a stomach bug at school by willing himself pale and refusing to stand directly under a light to enhance the pale effect, carrying around a trash can as a prop for his performance and then saying things like "I think that GI bug going around has finally got me, Nurse," then half smiling like the cat that got the canary, because he just reeled in another poor unsuspecting school nurse. 

2. A husband who left me. . to go on a business trip! My husband did not like leave me, leave me. But he isn't here for all the fun! 

3. Some time spent squashing elementary school rumors of vomiting in order to ensure my con artist son can return to school tomorrow. 

4. Cleaning for the cleaners (a suburban favorite pastime!)

5. Meal planning and grocery shopping. 

6. Working, because I need the money to pay for all of this. 

7. The creation of a flow chart that covers all the overwhelming and irregular activities that will occur in the next several weeks. This included time to wonder why anyone was upset over the cancelling of a spirit week at the Middle School (I am so happy I don't have to help my child dress as someone going on safari in the future). It also included time to prep for an IEP meeting tomorrow (best week ever!) and to write letters to a variety of teachers and coaches and clergy about schedule changes and requesting that they pray for us. 

8. Playing soccer, which is not something I normally do, but there are travel try-outs tomorrow and the anxiety is high. 

9. More working, because I need money for travel sports!

10. Making lists that I will never complete and instead carry around with me until I accidentally leave the list behind at the weird town Acme. 

11. My first day of school photo shoot with an adorable sign made by Chloe, who is now my favorite child of the week and gets to inherit all our debt (you are welcome, Chloe!). 


Number 12 is my favorite, friends! It's actually happening. I am actually doing it. I am actually a student at Johns Hopkins University (Nicholas said I was bragging about this to the nurse and the cashier at Home Depot.). It feels great. I am also very nervous. Although thus far, the instructor seems delightful (it's probably a trick!) and my classmates seems to come from diverse and interesting backgrounds. 

I've obviously already told everyone my daughter had cancer so I write about pediatric cancer research. I haven't told them that I also like to write about such uplifting topics as:

  • Death
  • Religious cults that ban modern medicine
  • Vaccination 
  • Organ donation 
  • Anoxic brain injuries
  • Neurodiversity
  • Dyslexia
  • Choking
  • And, of course, my day. 

They do not know about Yoke, but hopefully there are a couple stalkers in the bunch who find Yoke and become lurkers (HEY GUYS!!!!!). Also hopefully they do not find it too soon and aren't wondering why I am wearing my Snoop Dogg shirt on the first day of school! 

In any event, I'll be known as the "writer with the kid who had cancer" which is how I am known in most circles. I'll surprise them with all the other medical trauma as the semester goes on! One of my first big assignments is to come up with two stories/angle ideas for my first piece. I'd like to experiment with my medical/science writing a little bit--try out my own Yoke voice combined with my science authoritative, sourced and evidence-based voice. You know I always think everything is a story--so I cannot wait to tell some big ones. 

I'll let you know how that goes (and if there will be a book published or a book thrown at me).