Would you rather. (Day 119, Year 3)

 Well, friends, I made it out of the rains and the woods! I was only there 19.25 hours (but who's counting) and in that time I developed the type of odor one would expect a backpacker on a month-long trip to possess. 

Not to brag, but I've showered and now I am back to my regular scheduled chaotic life in the radius of small town South Jersey to do my regular sorts of things. Tonight, I am going out to dinner with my husband. Tomorrow, I'll be back in the rain screaming for Lily at the Cooper Cup as she races in the para double, cheering Nick on in flag football and doing some stage make up for Chloe. 

Camp was Disney themed and last night the girls played a Disney themed version of "Would you rather?" One question,  "would you rather go to a ball like Cinderella or have a wilderness adventure like Pocahontas", sent all the girls sort of scrambling. After all, they are CAMPING to admit they are more into balls than foraging for sticks would be totally the wrong vibe. 

But, friends, I am always the wrong vibe! I am proud to say that I am more Cinderella than Pocahontas. I often have to entertain mice (reluctantly) and while camping is a good time, in the end I love high heels and lipstick.

And you know what: this does not make less hardy or more womanly or anything specific; except it makes me myself.

I think this is important to declare--not for myself--but for all those girls who are growing and watching. I remember being a girl and thinking that I had to make a decision and make a choice about who I was. Would I be an engineer or an architect? Would I be in band or sports? Would I be a stay at home mom or a working mom? Who would I be?

The truth is you can be everything and some things and nothings and other things. I am a writer; but I am also an email marketer and I am also a yoga teacher and I am a mother and I love to camp, but I also really love the perfect red lipstick and a killer black dress. You can climb trees and then sit under that same tree and read a romance novel. In the end, what you "rather" can change or be ambiguous or whatever. 

Whomever you are: whether 14 or 45 or 78 is just, well, fine. It's all fine. 

In the end, I would rather be me than anyone else in the whole entire world.