Three Days In One (Day 99, Year 3)

My middle said that today felt like three days in one. And friends, it has BEEN A WHIRLWIND! 

We woke up and there was an Easter egg hunt and then Easter Baskets and then cinnamon rolls and then church and all the glory of the Easter Story. Mike, Lily and Nicholas sang along in the Alleluia Chorus at church. It was great! That was Day 1. 

Day 2 was the flight; which included a 15 minute interlude where my husband and the Uber driver worked to organize all our suitcases; and then the flight, in which Nicholas, the child who loves me the most, said his highlight was cuddling. My highlight was finishing my book and starting a new one (The old; One Italian Summer; the new, None of this would have happened if Prince were alive). But, the real highlight was getting to Orlando! 

Day 3 was actually getting here to DISNEY WORLD! We had some pool time (included the commandeering of an alligator), some magic band + drama (ongoing. it will either tear us apart or bring us together!), a fabulous dinner on the Boardwalk and some lovely wine (which definitely evened things out).  We watched fireworks at three parks from the Boardwalk--totally by accident (this is Disney magic!) 

It still hasn't hit yet that we are actually here, because everything has been such a whirlwind. But, I know tomorrow, when we enter the Magic Kingdom and I see that castle on Main State, this will all feel unreal; because that's how Disney is: Unreal, Magical and filled with memories around every corner and in every hidden Mickey!