The Sprint to the Finish! (Day 97, Year 3)

Tonight, we had Easter dinner because on actual Easter we will be in Florida having a meal with Minnie Mouse. Minnie Mouse won't actually be there because it isn't a character meal or anything. Its at some bougie (boujeee? bougee?)restaurant started by a celebrity chef or something who is human not like a Disney character. I also might be immediately drunk poolside and eat Disney room service pizza and fall asleep by 9pm; only to wake up at dawn to get our Genie Plus Magical Lightning Virtual Queue Zinger Bracelet Magic each day. Either way, I will be Minnie Mouse adjacent for an entire week and I cannot WAIT!

I am so excited that I haven't packed or planned a thing. I am certain I don't know where my favorite summer dress, most special shorts, best sandals and favorite tanks have disappeared to. But, I cannot look because I just know I won't find them and then I'll be irate. As long as I don't look there is hope. And without hope I HAVE NOTHING. 

Literally, because I don't have my favorite summer dress, most special shorts, best sandals or favorite tanks. 

I do have tomorrow to pack, panic buy toiletries and yell at my family for being annoying, so it is not like I am running out of time or anything. Also it is important to pace yourself!  Here's my plan for the next 36 hours:

1. Spend a solid 14 hours ideating on packing, while occasionally ordering my children to switch the laundry. I will also make lists on post-it notes that I will lose and find in 2038 (and feel so nostalgic about! I might have a GRANDCHILD then, who can enjoy my memories). Of course, I will be asleep for some of these 14 hours, but I will be ideating in my dreams. 

2. Spend 2 hours trying on outfits that I will not pack. After that I will just throw in the same things I wear everyday in the summer in my bag and I won't try them on. When I go to get dress in Florida, I will hate my clothes and go immediately to a Disney boutique and buy a new wardrobe. BUT I cannot travel with an empty suitcase; so this step is CRITICAL. 

3. Spend 2 hours planting seeds in my garden. This has no purpose. But, I also have pansies to plant in my planters. The pansies will die during the week. But this will not stop me. 

4. Spend 2 hours watching Lily race in the first regatta of the season! The actual race will be minutes; but the experience will take hours and there will be awkward socializing and maybe one of my younger children will accidentally fall in the river while chasing a goose or something. At least the race is 5 minutes from our house for quick costume changes!

5. Spend 3 hours on last minute hysterical errands. This will include buying paper towels and new lipstick. My husband will not be impressed. 

6. Spend 3 hours on Easter prep! I have to prepare for the bunny and the bunny LITERALLY DOES NOTHING. 

7. Spend the 8 hours sweating, angry, hysterical and sitting on my suitcase. I will also begin putting "heavy" things in my husband's suitcase. I will put extra shoes in my daughter's suitcase. My son will not have a suitcase and be forced to carry his clothes in 3 preschool backpacks. Everything is fine. 

8. Spend 2 hours riddled with anxiety that we miss our plane. Most of this time will involve giving my family incredulous looks, sighing and saying out loud, "WHY AREN'T YOU GUYS READY? YOU HAD NEARLY THE ENTIRE WEEKEND." 

But, then friends, we will arrive in Disney, there will be a calamity. Someone will whine. Everyone will argue; but then we will see the castle and the mouse and relive all our family memories of Disney trips past and everything will be worth it!