Quite the week! (Day 95-ish Year 3)

Well, friends, it has been quite the WEEK! 

Full Disclosure: I started this blog yesterday and then got distracted until the wee hours of the morning with three very good friends so now I am completing this on what is sort of Day 95. 

As a general practice, I do not edit or really even proofread my daily Yoke entries. I know this may drive some of you completely bonkers (I have this effect on people); however in January 2021 when I made the decision to write every single day, I also made that my daily writing was an exercise. And friends, exercise isn't always pretty and is never perfect. This has been one of the best decisions I've made as a writer--to embrace my talent in writing and let go any illusions that I am a copy editor (or even a good speller. I am a terrible speller!). 

All of that being said, I do, often, go back and read old entires of mine. I think reading is also a practice and a necessary part of my writing conditioning program. Yesterday, I was reading through the entries from Sunday through Tuesday and realized that this Holy Week has been a roller coaster ride of chaos. 

Like on Sunday, I was all into discussing Jesus and Palm Sunday and Holy moments. Monday, I was having interludes on bridges with the police and wearing my sleeping bag. Tuesday, I was a puberty educator and Tide Pod spokesperson. 

And Wednesday, which is not really today, but let's pretend--I was powering through my work, hot tubing in the Bamboo Forest (AKA my backyard), leading a Lenten Bible Study and then out celebrating with friends. We were really just celebrating that we were able to leave our homes on the same evening, together. We were also celebrating being friends and as you know, friendship is the best ship, right?

I am sure that Thursday (which is really today), will bring even more interesting moments, high stakes drama and mess making. And the best part: You guys will get to read all about it in Thursday's Yoke.