Only me day. (Day 117, Year 3)

Today was a classic "only you" day for me! It began with a morning, before-school opening of the 1,000th Wawa store and ended in a boxing match. 

Somewhere in the middle, I worked, I took my mother to a CT scan, Lily had PT (and maybe an interlude with a fake nurse, more on that later) and I went grocery shopping for camp this weekend in the impending rain/doom.

Friends, this madness is my favorite kind of day! 

I know you have lots of questions! Or maybe you don't and you are like, "This woman is super annoying." Either way, I am going to break down my day and all its happenings!

1. The Wawa Opening: If are from SNJ/Philly then Wawa is a critical part of your existence. It is where you get gas and coffee and food in between your children's travel sports! Today, the 1,000th Wawa store opened and friends, this Wawa is MY NEIGHBORHOOD WAWA! Before school, Nicholas and I went to the opening for our free t-shirts (I'll never wear mine, but I will keep it until I die and then insist my survivors keep it until they die) and free coffee. He even got his picture with the official Wawa goose. He also told the Wawa goose that I ran over a goose with my car last year. I will not confirm this rumor!

2. Camp shopping: My Girl Scout troop is going camping this weekend in the upcoming weather event! I am in charge of the food and went to the grocery store. During my shop, I texted 14 people to ask their advice on meat quantities. I also asked Chat GTP its opinion on taco meat to shredded lettuce ratio. In the end I bought two extra pounds of panic meat and also discussed erecting a meat moat to keep the Jersey Devil away from our cabins. 

3. CT Scan: If you are a regular reader, you will know my mom fell last weekend and woke with two black eyes several days later. She is getting better and the CT scan was just a precaution. I had a very important and super science-y work call during her appointment time. Before my mother went back, she demanded I stop listening to my call and be introduced to the staff at the radiology center. None of us wanted to meet each other; but I did as I was told.

4. Work: Well, you know, I have to work. I edited emails and wrote emails and talked stories and pitched stories and continued to work on a draft of something that I said I'd have done several days ago while praying the person waiting for the draft hasn't read my messages about when I would have their draft. 

5. PT/Kidnapping: So today, when Lily and I went to her regular PT, it seems an unverified person took us to an exam room and left us there. It was very strange. Nothing really happened, but then Lily's PT was looking for us and then security was asking us for a description of the "nurse" who triaged us. . . . 

6. Boxing: Tonight was the Haymakers for Hope Boxing Match! It was so much fun! We took our three underage children to a bar, where men and women were punching one another while other men and women cheered and screamed things like "GET HIM! PUNCH HIM! YEAH!" Lily was a Ring Card Warrior and held the ring card in between rounds. My colleague Dan was a fighter! Nicholas said it was the best night ever. It was pretty incredible, especially when Lily flexed in the ring--take that cancer! 

And now, friends, I am home. Writing, procrastinating sleep and looking forward to the adventures tomorrow will bring!