Into the rain (Day 118, Year 3)

Friends, I have to write this v. v. v. v. v. important missive now, before I go out into the rains. Normally, I'd say I was going "into the woods;" however, it is hard to notice "the woods" when you are blinded by rains that come down like sheets of privacy glass used in 1980s designer bathrooms. 

You might wonder why I am going out into the rain and it is a great question! I am a dedicated and adventurous Girl Scout volunteer and we are going Girl Scout Camping.  I will be back sooner than usual because my Girl Scout is also an Oompa Loompa in Willie Wonka and has to rehearse. I was bummed about this early release before the rains came. But now that the rains are here, I am thankful and blessed by the spirit of the Oompa Loompa. 

Praise be, friends. Praise be. 

As a Girl Scout leader it is my job to hide my fears and valid concerns from the girls. I cannot let them know that I am very nervous about our sleeping arrangements in "Acorns." which resemble double decker coffins from a distance. I keep calling the "Acorns," cozy micro cabins where you will sleep as you've never slept before. When it comes to the weather, I've compiled a list of why camping in the rain is wonderful, wise and absolutely, moderately adjacent to the least best, but not worst thing in the world. 

Here are the benefits to camping in the rain:

1. You can wear your rain boots. It is a great opportunity because sometimes it is mostly sunny and you cannot wear them and then your rain boots are underutilized minimizing your financial return on rain boot investment. 

2. There is low risk of forest fire. Fires are scary! Since it is very difficult to start a fire while underwater, this makes camping in the rain a very safe experience (at least from a fire perspective). 

3. I don't remember what 3 was, so we will skip!

4. Hard things build character! While, I feel at 45 years old my character has already been built by trauma, other people live charmed lives and need some character enhancement! It is a privilege to watch them grow as a character or whatever. 

5. No sun makes bedtime come early! The sun is up forever in the Spring but on a rainy day it never comes out, so you can put the campers to bed early, so you can have adult conversations about uplifting topics like being cold, wet, scared and hungry. 

6. Rain makes white bread and American cheese sandwiches taste better. When you read "white bread and American cheese" you might shudder in disgust. However, when it rains and rains and rains everything tastes better! 

7. You can skip the sunscreen! Sunscreen is very expensive and even though you can get sunburn on an overcast day, it is very hard to get sunburn when you are wearing a large trash bag as a poncho.

8. You gain an instant topic for cocktail party small talk. Camping in the rain with a hot dog roller and 17 girls is a story you will tell again and again! You can remember this time with pride, joy, horror and nostalgia! 

I'll be back tomorrow, friends with Day 119, I hope. Unless I float way. I'll keep you posted! 


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