Happily Ever After (Day 105, Year 3)


Magic Kingdom's evening fireworks and music show is off the hook good. I am not sure anyone says off the hook anymore. I am not even sure I know exactly what it means or the phrase's origin story. But, the show is spectacular and I cried a little tonight!

We saw the show earlier in the week from far away on Main Street while eating hot dogs over a trash can. It was extremely fancy. Chloe said she cried the first time and swears it was not out of embarrassment over her family eating hot dogs over a trash can. Tonight, Mike and Lily scored a prime spot in front of the castle. We waited through a very intense lightning storm (rolling the dice that I was struck once already, so the odds of being struck again were low!). The show was just magical. I know everyone says that about Disney a lot and maybe saying something is magical has no impact whatsoever.

It's similar to saying "Happily Ever After." It's like a throwaway phrase isn't it? Like we all take for granted the idea that we can believe in things bigger and unexplainable--and that we can have happy endings in our broken, imperfect lives. 

But, friends, our family is living proof that you can walk through it--all of it--and somehow still live in magical moments and have happy endings. Tonight, as I listened to the medley of all the lovely Disney songs, I looked over at my family. All four of them are walking miracles. The fact that they somehow belong to me--even just a little bit--well, friends that is my happy ending at the completion of every breath and every day. 

The magic that Disney has made is a reminder to appreciate the magic in our own lives. There is magic in the silly moment my children raced out of the Little Mermaid Ride in absolute joy, shrieking over a King Triton statue and bowing to Lily (who will be King Triton in her dance recital production of The Little Mermaid). I look at the picture and I can hear their laughter. 

That's the magic. 

There is magic in guiding my children as they grow up. There is magic in all the memories I shared with my brother so long ago in Disney World. There is magic and happy endings in all those moments, because they are our stories. 

And, oh, how I love a story.