Fish and Chips in Fake England (Day 100 Year 3)

Tonight, as I was in fake England eating delicious Fish and Chips under a very insubstantial umbrella as the rains poured down around us, I said to my family:

"I feel like I survived a trauma."

And then we all laughed, because, of course, it is ridiculous to be in fake England eating delicious Fish and Chips under a very insubstantial umbrella as rains pour down around us. But, this is Disney and in Disney, you let it all go, every last expectation and dollar--you let it go, just like Elsa instructs. 

Your children will act poorly. You will become confused and frustrated. Your Disney World app will glitch. You will cancel your dinner reservation but your phone will insist you still have it and stop you from making a replacement. The rains will intermittently pour down and you will find yourself buying $12 branded trash bags for your family and feeling blessed. 

It makes absolutely no sense; but then it does when you see your beautiful children's faces look in wonder at the fireworks and you hear your whole family screaming with absolute glee on Tron and the Seven Dwarves Mine Train. You will laugh forever at the memory of saying "Hee-Haw" at the exact same time as your 10 year old son on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. 

Sure, your muscles might seize up from being in the rain and walking 12 miles; but you will be overjoyed when you get a Kahula Tini in the area between fake Canada and fake England in Epcot. And when you ride Ratatouille, you will laugh with glee and scream in delight as if you are a baby playing peek-a-boo. You will stumble off that ride and then, you make the decision to do just one more ride, even though your body is about to give out and your son insists he feels like he is walking on glass, because, well, it is Disney and it is just absolutely the most magical place on earth. 

And you know what? Fish and Chips taste more authentic when it is rainy--it's like Disney knows exactly what you need.