Dry Season (Day 108, Year 3)

I've had a bit of a writing dry spell lately. Of course, I have written everyday but most of my posts feel uninspired. If it wasn't for Disney, I don't think I would have had anything to write about for the past 10 days. And even my Disney posts feel repetitive. I just cannot seem to figure out what I want to say or how I want to say it.

It's frustrating. 

But, I know that this is how creativity flows. It is like the seasons, I suppose. There are seasons when it practically downpours every day and then there are seasons when it seems it might not rain ever again. I am in the dry season--I cannot currently see a day in the 10-day focus when it might rain words again. 

The past incarnation of myself as a writer would have taken this as a sign to change direction completely and give up on writing as a calling. I'd chase things like marketing gigs and yoga classes and spend time diving into metrics, like a thristy person chases a cup of water. But, then, I'd wake up one day and realize that I had stopped writing entirely. I'd realize that I had chased away my thrist with the wrong thing--salt water instead of fresh--and if I had just been patient with mysel and kept trying the words would have flowed. 

That's why writing in Yoke, everyday, even when I have nothing to say or I only have ugly things to say, is so critical to my practice of writing. When I dig in and chase the words that elude me, I eventually catch them. 

Thanks for reading along with me during this dry season. Who knows, it might rain tomorrow? But, no matter what it does, I'll be here patiently waiting and writing.