Disney Highlights So Far (Day 104, Year 3)

Well, friends, today was another eventful day in Disney World! We woke up to join the virtual queue for Guardians of the Galaxy; had our traditional sprint to the park and then spent a chunk of the day exploring other cultures (and their hats) in the World Showcase of Epcot. Then, we capped off the day with droid building, drinking substandard cocktails at the Galaxy’s Edge and enjoying a night swim. 

The best part: I haven’t thought about work really at all this entire week! And now it’s the weekend, so I am bound by all things reasonable and rational to not think about work at all! 

Our time here is winding down; just two more days and then a very early flight home on Monday. We’ve done so much! Here are our Disney highlights:

1. Completed a Food Scavenger hunt in Epcot; paying for several small dishes everyone refused to eat. The children earned key lime dole whip in special glasses, which will be gifted to our grandchildren.

2. Had my photo taken with several strange men on rides. Including the strange man on Guardians who appeared to be watching me the entire ride. 

3. Walked 60+ miles; most of the time at a prancercize pace in order to make dinner reservations, boats, buses, queues and to get foot long hot dogs to eat on top of trash cans during fireworks.

4. Begun to recognize people at theme parks; because we’ve been here that long. I am sure those people will be gone tomorrow and that’s just fine with me. It’s better they don’t get too attached to us.

5. Staged a wedding between Pooh and Marie at Nine Dragons Restaurant. Our server was not impressed. Nor was she invited. 

6. Watched my three growing kids laugh and play like they always have (loudly, messily, goofily). No matter how old they get, the Adkins Three has their own language, their own world and their own rules—similar to pirates and other gangs of criminals.

Tomorrow, we've got big pool and big Magic Kingdom plans. And I cannot wait!