All the things I did today were powered by pixie dust (Day 107, Year 3)

Well, friends, after a 4am wake-up call we are back in the motherland. There are no virtual queues and there are no friendly staff dressed in thematic attire that matches their room/ride. There is just us and all of our messes and laundry and to-do lists. 

I worked today; twice passing out when there was a lull in the activity. At one point this afternoon, I didn't think I could do one more thing. But, then I remembered the lesson I learned on Day 3 in Disney:

If you can run to Epcot from your hotel at the Swan Reserve in 22 minutes, lightly pushing the elderly and strollered out of your way in order to make the Guardians of the Galaxy Virtual Queue, you, friend, can do anything. 

(I am going to ask my friend Paige who dabbles in cross stitch to put this on a very, very large body pillow for me.) 

And I also remembered the mantra I learned on Day 8 of Disney in Sir Mickey's. A woman dressed as a Fairy Godmother sprinkled glitter on my head and said:

Faith, Trust and a little bit of Pixie Dust 

She said other things but the glitter got in my eye and I was distracted trying not to go blind. 

I took both pieces of advice and managed to accomplish several things this evening! 

1. Attend PT at CHOP with Lily. I know I am not the one who has to run on a treadmill while juggling medicine balls (she's really strong, so they've had to up the ante), but it requires so much mental energy to park, avoid spiraling into a post-traumatic-stress-situtation, find my car and then, of course, figure out how to exit the parking lot. No matter how often we go to CHOP (thousands of times), I still cannot handle the parking garage. I think they've enrolled me in a clinical trial testing my ability to solve a labyrith using my car. 

2. Ordered Instacart and Meal Plan. True, I ended up ordering pizza for dinner and put all the healthy food away, but I do have food now for the children to eat in one setting (my jumbo blueberries for my morning yogurt are already MIA) and to complain about when prepared as part of a well-balanced diet, like the pediatrician says to do. 

3. Folded laundry. I decided I'd fold one basket laundry, so I could use the empty laundry basket to wash a load of vacation laundry. I folded 10 items and then shoved the rest into another laundry basket and called it success.

4. Drove to dance. This might not sound like much of a task but 295 was shut down in 17 locations today which made my 5 minute dance drive a 30 minute drive. It was slow going; but thanks to having my AC on 65 and blowing directly in my face, I did not even fall asleep while operating a motor vehicle. 

5. Thought about putting sheets on a bunk bed. Nicholas needs new sheets on his bunk bed. I've been thinking about it for 27 minutes. Thus far, I've manifested the sheets to the hallway to go on his bed. I've thought long and hard about putting the sheets on his bed. But I haven't done it. Maybe I'll sprinkle some glitter around the room and try to join a virtual queue or something.