What was in the package. . . (Day 75, Year 3)

Friends, something really amazing happened today. It all started with a package that was delivered to my husband. He wasn't home--he was in DC at his office--but we were all planning on joining him later. The package seemed to come from some investment firm or something. I assumed it was a polo shirt with his name on it or like a quarter zip with custom embroidery that referenced something to do with money and cold storage.

Normally, I would not bring packages along with me on a minibreak, but I was distracted because my mom was threatening to give our dog his insulin hours too early. I had to wrestle the syringe out of her hand--like one of those movies when someone is about to be kidnapped and injected with sedative. Her hearing is not very good (even though she denies this!). I tried to stop her by saying, "hey, why are you trying to over medicate the dog?" But, because of the hearing issue, I was forced to pry a very sharp syringe from her hands. 

Anyway, in the midst of this, the package ended up in my navy  tote bag that is filled with everything in the world, including Hot Hands, in case it gets cold in the hotel room because my husband sets the thermostat to 54 degrees. I take this bag everywhere and I loaded it and the package into the car, picked up my children at school and off we drove to DC. 

(My kids have St. Patrick's Day off. They say it is for an in-service BUT I think it is so everyone can be on time to the town pub crawl that begins at 2pm.)

ANYWAY, I bet you want to know what was in the package?! Well, I am getting to it. 

We get to DC. I hand the package to Mike who says, "Oh I know what this is." And then I ask if it is the quarter-zip or the polo shirt and he says, "It's a present for you."

Friends, it is not gift giving season in my house. And while my husband is a very good gift giver, he does not give gifts out of season!  

He said he'd have to open it privately; which was distrubing and intriguing. 

Anyway, then we went off to dinner at this wonderful Asian street food resturant. When we sat down, I realized I hadn't checked my personal email all day and I religiously check it in case someone decides they want to publish all my Yokes in a multi-volume series and hire college students to sell the volume door-to-door like encyclopedias. 

(This has not happened, yet.)

So, I checked my email. And I got this:


JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY LET ME IN! I screamed a lot in the restaurant. 

And then on the walk back to the hotel.

And then, Mike gave me the package to open and inside was this (I'm wearing it!):

And then, we drove to the JHU DC Campus, where my program is located and took this picture:

FRIENDS,  I GOT IN! And I accidentally brought along my own admission gift AND ended up in town. All random. All serendipity and all incredible. 

I haven't written back to the Director of the program yet because I am still in the "OMG SHUT THE FRONT DOOR YOU LET ME IN ARE YOU SURE" phase and want to attempt to be professional, gracious and normal.


JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY, let me in! I cannot even believe it. 

PS Henry, the dog, is totally fine and my syringe efforts were successful! 


  1. Love this so much!!! Congratulations!!!!!!

  2. Congratulations!

  3. Awesome! Congratulations! Woohoo!

  4. Wow!! So happy for you- congratulations!

  5. Congratulations on everything I love reading your stuff when I catch it

  6. Oh that is wonderful!!! Congratulations. I love your posts! Very exciting news!!!


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