Week in Review (Day 62, Year 3)

Well, friends, it has been another week on the roller coaster that is life. There were days I felt exhilarated, like I was flying through loops and hills with a warm breeze blowing my hair. There were also days when I felt like I had made the worst mistake of my life getting on this ride and wanted to begin screaming uncontrollably and not stop. 

It was a mixed bag, you know?

Like all of my mixed bags, my week contained both trash and treasures. I know I am out of control with metaphors tonight and risking becoming completely unreadable, which is the same as when you cannot listen to your children because they are whining. 

Yes, that was another metaphor. 

Anyway, here's the top news from my week:

1. Today I completed the delicious Jewish Apple Cake I picked up from Haddon Culinary. I ate what was left directly out of the packaging with my newish gold fork. I love our gold flatware! 

2. I finally received an email back regarding my call to the school. So that is resolved, maybe. I am hopeful, but realistic. They did not reply to reply to their email, so we are really back at the beginning. 

3. I made it through tech week. My oldest and youngest are in a musical. And tech week is very intense and involves eyeliner and whining. The look is NOT GOOD friends. But I made it. And the kids are amazing--my kids and all the kids on stage. I am really proud of our little town and their performing arts program. 

4. I am less proud of our jury system. I fear saying what I actually think about the current policy. BUT I will say IT IS INSANE TO THINK THAT I AM AVAILABLE FOR ENTIRE WEEK TO BE AT THE WHIM OF THE COURT TO SERVE ON A JURY THAT IS PROBABLY JUDGING A LAWSUIT INVOLVING SOMEONE WHO SLIPPED ON A BANANA PEEL. I feel if they just read Yoke, looked at my calendar and spoke to me for 30 seconds they would understand. But, I know, everyone is busy and has problems. Anyway, I report on Monday. I'll will take my job seriously while simultaneously praying I am dismissed. 

5. I am looking forward to the weekend. I really am! Tonight, two kids perform and one kid is watching; so Mike and I are going on a date night. Tomorrow is a basketball playoff, two shows and I know I'll find time to read. Sunday is the Haddon Hammer and Lily will row with her new team at her old team's event, so that brings the potential for lots of intrigue and small town angst (my favorite). 

And that's it, friends. I know there are other things, but who can think when your mind is like gruyere cheese (this means something meaningful about being aged and stinky). 

I am off to feed some of the children, meditate and squeeze in a shower lest date night ends with my date wondering what that smell is. . .