Vague posting (Day 66, Year 3)

Several interesting things happened today. One thing I am not going to talk about for fear of getting in trouble. Another, I don't want to talk about for fear that it won't happen. A third, I did talk about to several friends today but won't talk about here because it isn't in my best interest. And then the rest I have completely forgotten about, so maybe those things were not that interesting after all. 

I know, I know, this is all vague. I, like you, hate vague posts, but unfortunately total honesty can lead to conflict, jail time, embarrassment and other negative things.

A friend of mine was recently totally honest about her feelings about something in writing. And while the words she wrote were not offensive to me specifically, the words were definitely offensive to others. I know she will not care because the point of writing those words was to show how much she did not care and that the truth hurts. BUT, I cannot stop thinking about her words and how reckless they felt. 

Sometimes, vague is a saving grace, you know?

Like I've asked my daughters' for opinions on my outfit and they've responded with total honesty and said "Not those pants!"  or "I wouldn't wear that but you are just at home so it is fine." I've had to instruct, them to stop being so honest and perhaps only say something negative if they think I might offend someone with my outfit or if a body part is exposed that should not be. So now, they say things like "Girl, you are slaying in that, bruh" (They do indeed call me girl and bruh in the same breath.). They will say these compliments when I am in my pajamas. 

It makes me feel great, so keep up the vague fashion advice girls!

There is so much I want to say to some people sometimes, but I know, I know that honesty is not always the best policy. When my mother was selling her house 8 years ago, she decided to be "as honest as the day is long" with the inspector and told him my father converted a garage into living space in 1960. Of course, there were no permits. The inspector rewarded her honesty by demanding she produce drawings of the renovation. 

Luckily, her son-in-law is an engineer who works in construction. Otherwise, her honesty would have cost her thousands of dollars. 

I am not condoning dishonesty, I just think leaving a little to the imagination can go a long way, right?

So for tonight, just know that I am fine, everyone is healthy, if you want to know my vague news buy me a beer at Brewers or call me. I spent my teenage years on the kitchen phone spilling everything. . . .and passing vague notes in code during class.