Spring Sports on Saturn (Day 70, Year 3)

Well friends, it was a day, specially it was a SATUR-day. Did you know that this day was named for the planet Saturn? Well, if you did not, now you do! I don't know why exactly; but I do know that Saturn is the most dressed up of all the planets with its fancy rings and such. And if there was ever a day to put on all the rings, it was Saturday! 

My Saturdays are always so plentiful! There is plenty of activity, plenty of sporting, plenty of complaining and plenty of wondering why I cannot take a nap. This Saturday was special because Spring sports season officially kicked off! 

Just so you know, the "spring" in Spring sports does not mean these sports are actually played in Spring weather. It means these sports should be played in Spring weather; but instead they are played in conditions that are not hospitable to human life (similar to the environment of Saturn, so really it is all coming together now! Insert "mind blown" emoji). Like today, for example, when my son played two back-to-back lacrosse games in sleet. 

Tomorrow, my daughter will play in a lacrosse tournament called the "Ice-Breaker," because you will have to chip away at the ice in the stands in order to find a place to sit. My son will play soccer and I will get annoyed at his soccer performance, no matter how good it is, because NO ONE IS GOOD ENOUGH TO MAKE ME ENDURE SPRING SPORTS. 

Yet, I will. And I will tell them how amazing they are (because they are) and I will cut anyone who implies otherwise (I am looking at you SUSAN! But, not you Susan, whom I love! The other one!). I will also show up every week, ill prepared and without gloves. 

Anyway, as a result of all this spectating, I am very cold. The kind of cold you cannot get rid of; the kind of cold that makes you question everything; the kind of cold that makes you wander around town saying "I am just so cold, so cold," and causes people to believe you are so cold because you are dead and a ghost. 

This is Spring sports! 

Oh, and my oldest will be rowing on a river in this winter weather for the next several weeks. She complains. 

But I just cannot listen because I have my own problems. 

See on the sidelines!