Six (Day 90, Year 3)

Today was QUITE the day. 

One, I had to perform my morning duties which include arguing with my children and hitting snooze 17 times. 

Two, I got to shower before noon! 

Three, I had a lovely luncheon with my lovely cousins and uncle and got to see my mom to smile with such love at her brother. (It was really special!) 

Four, I wrote and translated a very complex medical journal article (shout out to Adam and Keren for talking some of it through) while also screaming at my son "YOU LOVE SOCCER AND YOU WILL GO TO PRACTICE OR I WILL. . .I HAVE NO IDEA BUT YOU WON'T LIKE IT"

Five, I packed in dutch braiding by Chloe, a quick chat with a friend, a shopping break at the Jagged Edge Boutique (love this place!) and navigating other duties all in 55 minutes!

Six, I took the entire family to see SIX the musical!

Friends, it was so much fun! We've been listing to the musical score (soundtrack? playlist? sick beats?) for months. And I've always loved the stories of Henry VIII wives. I am a big fan of Phillipa Gregory books. I've read about so many of his wives. It was fun to see it come alive and I am chanting "Divorced, Beheaded, Died. Divorced, Beheaded, Survived." on repeat. 

The show is definitely a musical, but the format is a concert (maybe a little Spice Girls-esque). There is no intermission (So get your wine when you arrive!). There is lots of cheering, clapping, dancing and direct speaking to the audience. (I enjoyed the jokes about not drinking the Philadelphia water after this week of environment spill scares.) It is fun, interesting and totally different than your regular musical! 

In addition to the six wives, the live band is all women. Henry VIII is only there in spirit--no men make a an appearance. The stories of these women are so fascinating--what was it like to be a woman then? To have so many rules governing your body and your person and your romantic entanglements? To know that you cannot choose love because you need to choose life? To want power like the men but knowing that desire was dangerous? 

It gives you a lot to think (and sing) about.