Princess and the Frog (Day 84, Year 3)

As we get ready for our Disney trip, Mike and Lily decided we needed to rewatch our Disney favorites to get ourselves in the spirit. He spent sometime watching Avatar, today. 

Note: this is not a Disney favorite. Mike tried to explain it to me and I cannot listen or comprehend. It's all too much. 

Anyway, the first official favorite on deck is Princess and the Frog. We all love this movie! 

Lily was just three years old when Princess and the Frog was released. I took her to see the movie on the opening day with her bestie Maddie and her mom Caroline. Chloe was just 10 months old. Lily had an MRI earlier in the day. She had been sedated and then spent the afternoon at home sleeping all the sedatives, because she was no way she was missing the premiere of the princess movie she'd been waiting and waiting for. 

So we went. I had no idea what her MRI results would be; but like Lily I just wanted to do something that had nothing to do with cancer.

In the beginning of the movie there is a musical scene that is not in full color--it is in some sort of yellow monochrome. Lily, who still had not totally flushed out and slept out the drugs from her MRI, lost her mind. I remember her screaming "BRING THE MOVIE BACK!" and threw her little princess crown. 

I had to take her in the hallway (thank goodness for Caroline) and explain it was just a musical montage! It was fine! She was not convinced and wanted me to "speak to someone."

We only went back in when the monochrome was over. Every time we watch the movie, I retell the story and laugh at the ridiculousness of it all. 

A few months later, for her Make-a-Wish trip,  Lily selected Tiana for her princess makeover at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. She blushed when she met Prince Naveen and glowed when she got to spend special time with Tiana. It was so special to see her so happy--the magic of it all for a little girl who had already been through so much in her life.  

Of course, now my little girl is now 17, but it is still her favorite movie and she still cannot wait to see Tiana, in full color, of course.