Mom Laughs (Day 83, Year 3)

I have these memories of my mom laughing with my friend's mothers in such a way that I thought for sure they had lost their minds. I would ask what was so funny and then they would laugh more.  I remember thinking that someday I wanted to laugh with friends the way my mom laughed with Mrs Cook and Mrs Delmar. 

I still don't know the specifics of what they were laughing about; but I think I get it now that I've had my own hysterical fits of laughter with my mom friends. 

Like tonight, I was briefly trapped backstage in the dark with my friend Lauren. Her daughter, Rita, is one of Nick's best pals and they had just performed the funniest, most entertaining magic act in their talent show. We raced up to the stage to clean up the debris before the next act and somehow found ourselves in the darkness--like the sort of darkness you would find in a tomb--while children began to dance to Cruisin' for a Bruisin' with only a curtain separating us. Lauren said, "how did this happen?"

I think I might laugh about that for the rest of my life. 

Earlier, I was with my friend Melissa and laughing and I don't even remember what. Sometimes I cannot even look at my friend Jackie in the eyes without laughing at something absurd that happened ("the secrets of the pool!") in the past. I saw Megan tonight and just laughed without even saying words at ridiculous report card drama. My texts with Brooke and Kate are filled with memes and LOLs and so many fits of laughter--because really everything is utterly ridiculous. I mean how did we create this marvelous, high maintenance children? How did we end up here, sitting on the floor of an auditorium ready to watch our kids zing their principal and perform magic?

I am sure the children around us think we are legit crazy. But I know we are just blessed to be able to laugh with each other and go through this absurd journey of motherhood together.  It is a journey that turns us into stage moms and hostage negotiators and cleaners of everything and decoders of ridiculous tall tales and witnesses to the innocent yet hilarious antics of our children and spouses.

There is nothing like laughing with another mom--because you know that she's been through it too, and if she can still laugh, then everything is going to be okay.