It's the day that never ends. (Day 74, Year 3)

Well friends, it is 11:07pm and I've just sat down to write this blog. It's been another (humble brag alert!) busy day in the Adkins house. Sometimes it seems like the day never ends. The children no longer go to bed before 10pm and they stay up requiring things and talking. 

I love talking to my children. I just sometimes need a little break when they are not asking for things or making noises. I guess it is a compliment that they believe I am always able to listen, process and respond to them in helpful ways. Of course, they never verbalize this specifically and instead speak to me and then shout, "YOU KNOW WHAT NEVERMIND NO ONE UNDERSTANDS WHY AREN'T YOU LISTENING WHERE IS A CHARGER CORD I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR AND I HAD A HARD DAY HARDER THAN YOURS I WANT MONEY FOR STARBUCKS CAN I GO TO THE PINK CONCERT NO ONE UNDERSTANDS WHERE IS THE CHARGER."

I've learned if I actually say nothing and avoid eye contact that they will, in fact, leave the room. However, when I need to ask them if they are charging their iPad for school, the jig will be up and they will say "I TOLD YOU I NEEDED A CHARGER YOU NEVER LISTEN."

It's a lot friends. 

Also a lot: when two of the three have legit hard days and work to one up each other on sorrow in the car. It goes something like this:

Kid 1: "I am never going to graduate and fail everything."

Kid 2: "At least you don't have to write an essay tomorrow about stupid things."

Kid 1: "I do have to write 5 essays."

Kid 2: "I am never going to get the part in the musical I want."

Kid 1: "At least you won't be a senior without ever being the lead in Phantom of the Opera"

Kid 2: "How do you know? I might be a senior in college and never be the lead in Phantom"

Kid 1: "At least mom listens to you."

Kid 2: "No she does not."

Kid 1: "Yes she does, you little brat."

Kid 2: "I hate you."

Kid 1: "I hate you more"


Simultaneously: "Stop it mother."

And there, at least, they come together in solidarity against me. 

And now, at 11:17 pm, the three are in bed, dreaming of how they will one up each other tomorrow and deliver me a whithering look of disapproval. 

They are super cute when they sleep, even at their old age.