Done. (Day 64, Year 3)

Well, friends, it was a weekend. I'd like to list everything that happened, not as a function of humble bragging about my busyness, but to explain why the title of this blog is "Done."

But, before I DO NOT humble brag about my busyness, I just want to tell you that I am very sore, as if I have engaged in some sort of intense physical training. I am also struggling to string sentences together (I ate two oranges in an effort to give myself some mental clarity. It did not work, at all.). 

An hour ago, I tried to explain this "done" feeling to Nicholas and he said, "Mama, I am sorry you are not happy, tonight." This just about broke my heart; because while I am done, I am actually very happy. I began explaining to him what I meant when I said I was done. Midday way through my explanation, he said, "Mama, I am done. Can you just read the book?"

So, he understands. Done is like when you are just very full of all the things and cannot take anymore. Many times, all the things are great things. Like date night on a Friday and three days of watching my youngest and oldest perform together in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Or really great things like winning your town basketball tournament (yay for Nicholas!) and beating your personal record in your erg race today (Lily). Or fun, silly things, like dancing to Dancing Queen in the front yard (Chloe) and having sleepovers with your little brother (Chloe, again).  Or the accomplishment things like folding all the laundry in the basement.  Or just things that make you feel loved and supported--like the amazing, beautiful crew of friends who showed up to cheer Lily on when she raced today. 

That last one is something I'll hold close to my heart forever, I think. I asked friends to come; and then more showed up without being asked and then people just wandered over to cheer for our girl. Lily is not the fastest; but she is the most determined and she is, absolutely, the one who knows what a privilege it is to be out there racing.  

This picture doesn't even do Lily's cheering squad justice--there were so many! Lily had friends cheering for her from all sides--even her old coach joined in. Her new coaches were there, too, of course. Lily has told me that she often feels alone--singled out. I know this, even without her telling me, and I've always worked to raise her to be independent, strong and able to walk alone when it is required of her.  But she isn't alone--sure, she has to race herself, but we were all there. Those friends today were a truly an answer to a prayer--the same one I always say before she races, asking God to surround her with the wind of the Holy Spirit. Today, that wind was every single person who shouted "Go Lily." 

Done, friends, is the best feeling of fullness.  Sure, I am sore from all these days of running (and literally sprinting with a child from a basketball court to a musical stage) and doing, but it is the best sort of done. It is well done. (also I had steak for dinner so this ending very thematic!).