Can you have fun already? (Day 79, Year 3)

This time last year, friends, I was obsessively capsule wardrobing for France. Now, it's time to prepare myself for Spring Break in Disney World!

I am very excited. We've been having a good few weeks! First, my acceptance to Johns Hopkins (I'll mention daily) 

We've been to Disney several times. The first time, I was in the midst of a legit mental breakdown. I had a 3 month old preemie, a 3 year old brain tumor survivor, I was just "let go" from my consulting job for a charity based in Australia and Mike had a trip scheduled to Orlando for work. I demanded we tag along. While he worked, I told random Floridians of all my problems. The cab driver that took us from our Marriott to the Disney Character meal at the Swan and Dolphin said to me, "BUT YOU ARE IN DISNEY WORLD AND CLEARLY NOT POOR AND YOUR DAUGHTERS LOOK HEALTHY CAN YOU HAVE FUN ALREADY?"

At the time, I thought he was a little shouty for a man who had asked me how I was and why we were in town! I simply answered his question with my life story. 

But now, I think of his advice whenever I travel and feel the baggage of my regular life weighing me down. If anything not fun tries to creep in, I just think of being yelled at in the back of a cab on a very hot April day in Florida, while my oldest daughter laughed and said "time out mommy" and suddenly, I remember that I am blessed and lucky and very privileged and check my complaining at the door (and save it for a Yoke! Because everyone loves a good funny complaint!). 

Anyway, DISNEY! I am so excited. The last time we went was before the COVID-19 pandemic and Nicholas was little. He remembers some Disney things, like that weird Stitch ride in Future World in which you are strapped to a seat and spit on by an alien? That ride is closed (soooooo upset); so he can make new memories that do not involve being spit on!

BUT before we can even fully think of all the fun experiences, we all need to be wardrobed! I am certain that my children do not fit into their summer clothing. Plus, I like to pack a capsule and have a theme for the vacation, so I can mix and match and feel relaxed in my vacation costumes! In addition, I noticed the pallor of my skin today and the tone of my arms and decided I need to tan and strengthen! Visiting Disney is a physical feat of strength and endurance, so I have to add a Peloton regime to my schedule. 

I think this might be our last family Disney trip before Lily becomes an adult and graduates high school. Isn't that crazy? Our second Disney trip was Lily's Make-a-Wish trip. That trip was incredible. It was such a treat and a time of healing. It feels like yesterday and forever ago when we were there as a Wish family. 

We were so blessed with that gift--and then also with all the trips that followed. I cannot wait to have Disney fun with this family of mine. . . once I find everyone bathing suits and mouse ears that fit!