A little sun (Day 85, Year 3)

My face felt sort of warm when I got home from Chloe's lacrosse games this afternoon. I thought maybe I was wind beaten for the second week in a row. It is very windy around sports fields--those long expanses of flat without trees. However, the warmth did not go away. I looked in the mirror and confirmed: I GOT A LITTLE SUN!

Now, I know it is not socially acceptable to be excited about "a little sun" because, of course, "a little sun" leads to skin cancer and wrinkles and age spots and other horrible things that I will find out about. However, this "little sun" situation today was a sign friends! 

It's maybe Spring and that means that maybe Summer will get here fast. This, of course, threw me into an utter panic and I did what I've been threatening to do for days but haven't because I've opted to nap or pluck my eyebrows. 

I cleaned out my closet!

Cleaning out my closet is my least favorite activity. I am more of a "shove it all in the closet, shut the door, demand that no one looks in the closet, get angry about the closet and be filled with self loathing" sort of girl. But, the seasons demand more of me. I must be a "clean out the closet, pack up the fun, giveaway the dreadful and be adult" sort of girl.

The whole thing took hours. My closet is a strange configuration and isn't even in my bedroom. It is in the hallway and very long. You can enter from the hallway, walk the length and then you end up in a former shower stall. From there, you take a sharp left, go through a retro shower door and you end up in front of the toilet. When we first moved in, my children liked to jump out of the closet while I was on the toilet, causing me to have high blood pressure and panic attacks. I am not sure why they stopped; perhaps they grew bored of my screams.

Anyway, my work resulted in two bags of giveaways and three giant space bags of super wintery stuff that hopefully I will not need until December. My closet is not fully "spring," but it is decidedly NOT winter. All sweaters are cotton and cashmere only--the wool is off with the turtlenecks and leather pants.

It's exciting. 

Of course, I'll have to do the whole process again when I get "more than a little sun" sometime in late April/early May and it becomes apparent that I don't need 17 sweatshirts and 9 pairs of jeans accessible. ]

For now, I am enjoying my "only I can tell" sun kissed face and gazing upon the bare floor of my closet with pride (and fear. The children now have a clear path to the toilet.).