Saturday Night Housekeeping Report (Day 35, Year 3)

Well, friends, it is a whirlwind. Last night, I went to bed feeling like an utter failure. Today, I have a little parenting swagger because my offspring were mostly delightful and absolutely amazing to one another today. 

Plus, Lily did this little rowing thing and got some bling around her neck. I thought I'd write about all of that victory in my blog tonight. However, then I realized that I don't feel like being inspirational at all and since this is my blog and I am the boss, I can do that. 

Maybe I'll write about inspiration tomorrow. For tonight, I'd like to discuss the chaotic state my house is in. It currently looks like it is owned by a ten year old boy. 

And really, no matter what the mortgage says, our youngest really owns everything. He's an expert at manspread and has manspread chaos everywhere. There are half drunken Wegman's flavored seltzers everywhere. There is a pizza box with a congealed slice of pepperoni pizza inside. And that slice of pizza has old Twizzlers stuck to it. There are smells that I cannot identify and actually just don't want to know about. There are bath towels on the floor outside the second floor bathroom. There is urine on the toilet sheets. There are half eaten Girl Scout cookies on the console table in the entryway. The kitchen floor is sticky. No beds are made and the carpet in the living room is crooked. 

We also spent the evening eating sushi while seated on the floor and watching "Megan" with the ten year old, while listing all the ways we could utilize a "Megan" to mess with our enemies. 

It's all super mature. 

And you know what? I find myself not really caring. We had a crazy, crazy week with interruptions in our schedule and lots of meals served while standing up and sometimes dinner was nuts and 4 oranges, because that is what could be eaten in 7 minutes. We went from a black tie charity ball last weekend to basketball, play practice, dance classes, crew practice, play performances and an indoor rowing championship this weekend. Tomorrow there is church choir (and I am going to try not to care what they wear) and basketball and the closing show of Lily's latest musical. Then it will be Monday and our lovely cleaner Aline will come and make everything less frat house like.  

We will repeat the whole manic, insane week all over again, starting with a relatively clean home and ending, hopefully just as we are now: a hot, happy, content mess.