Regular (Day 42, Year 3)

Well, I returned to my new signature hair style, which I call the "Hot Mess Twist With a Disaster-y Bun as Delivered to Me on Facebook," and you know what, today was WONDERFUL!

I know my hair style has no influence on the outcome of the day; but then again MAYBE IT DOES! I read a lot of fiction books and within those fiction books lots of crazy things happen! 

Anyway, in addition to returning to the "Hot Mess Twist With a Disaster-y Bun as Delivered to Me on Facebook" hair, I also did a trillion other things, mostly in the car: driving to crew practice, watching Jesus-y indoor soccer, driving home from Jesus-y soccer and crew, ordering Wawa hoagies and packing lunches and preparing my girls for their big choir trip to see Wicked at the Gershwin (Note: Mike and I saw Taye Diggs on his very first night in Wicked wayback at the turn of the century. It was amazing) and then musical practice driving and lacrosse try-out driving and birthday party sleepover packing and driving and then trip pick-ups and all sorts of things in between like meals and Wegmans and laundry. 

These kids are exhausting. But today, the best part was spending some alone time with my husband while the kids did their own things. It was like a preview of what the empty nest years will look like (they will include tequila at lunch and bourbon at dinner!). It is so rare that just the two of us are alone on a weekend day at home. We've gone away alone together plenty of times. We have frequent dinner date nights. Every night Mike isn't traveling we spend together--watching bad TV and laughing (and sometimes having marital disputes, because are indeed human and therefore, dispute-oriented). But daytimes together are mostly impossible.

It was so nice to just be us doing regular things like grocery shopping and lunching. Regular Mike and Trish are pretty great. And doing regular stuff is more real than when we've gone to Vegas or Fort Lauderdale or Seattle or even when we go up the street to Zeppoli for a late dinner. Regular life is the real life; and I am glad I am doing regular life with Mike. 

So, now, our girls are back from their wonderful day in NYC (and fighting, as they always do). The house looks like a bomb went off. Nicholas is at a sleepover. And we are together, ready to settle into the regularness of it all.