I'm Meditating (Day 48, Year 3)

In crime scene news, I found the bloody sock. 

If you have no idea what I am talking about then you clearly did not read Wednesday's Yoke "Because of the Pain" and haven't been praying 24-7 for my son's foot. 

Thanks a lot guys!

Despite your faithlessness, goodness has prevailed and the bloody sock involved in the dishwasher incident has been recovered! It's been haunting me for 36 hours. I was scared someone would accidentally wear it to school and then the emotional support dog (named something like Lenny or Rufus) would turn feral and bite off the bloody sock foot. I was feared it was somewhere in my bed. Or it was like in a couch cushion or one of our neighbors found it on the street and turned in for evidence of a crime we did not COMMIT!

But, never fear, the sock is now placed somewhere special as a reminder of what we survived this week.  To refresh your memory, I survived:

1. Monday

2. Tuesday

3. Wednesday

4. Thursday

5. Half of Friday (I don't want to call it yet. I am superstitious.) 

Surviving five very hard things in one week is truly miraculous. I also survived a mystery illness on Monday, things I have blocked out on Tuesday, bloody foot Wednesday, mental breakdown Thursday and half-day Friday. 

Friday has actually been delightful. All the days were delightful, even with the drama. 

Do you know how I got through? Well, I had cocktails two nights. BUT what really has helped is meditation. I started meditating on the regular this year with Nicholas at bedtime. He has a really hard time settling at night. Just 5 minutes of Adti on the Peloton app and he was sort of calm. Then I started upping my meditation game--increasing to 10 minutes, then 15 minutes and then 20 minutes. 

 I did a 20 minute meditation this morning which helped me to clear my head and realize that all the work things that stress me out are manageable. It is incredible. For someone like me, who is always thinking of 180 things at one time, finding space to think of nothing but my breath or my mantra is a gift of peace. 

I am going to up my time to a couple 30 meditations this long holiday weekend. Right after I remember where I put the bloody sock. . .